Women leaders shaping Atlanta’s future

Women leaders shaping Atlanta’s future

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Writer: Keaona Gray-Outlaw

2 min read March 2022 Women leaders are playing a significant role in reshaping and growing Atlanta’s economy. Focus: Atlanta had the privilege of meeting and speaking with some of these women leaders that are making strides in their industry and creating a more robust future for the region.   

Patti Garrett, Mayor, City of Decatur

Patti Garrett has served as the mayor of the City of Decatur since 2016. Currently, Garrett is guiding the implementation of a strategic 10-year, over 200-page plan that focuses on climate change, equity and inclusion, affordable housing, mobility, community and economic development. Recent initiatives such as the launching of the Decatur Retail Incubator Program, which will help to recruit diverse new retail businesses into downtown Decatur, are helping to enable steady economic progression and empower businesses.

Eloisa Klementich, President & CEO, Invest Atlanta

Eloisa Klementich is the President and CEO of Invest Atlanta, the city’s official economic development authority. Invest Atlanta’s current initiatives include building an economic mobility plan to promote equity and economic development for community members who are underrepresented. “If equity really matters to us, we need to fundamentally change how we do things,” said Klementich with Focus: Atlanta 2021. Invest Atlanta is the only organization in the nation that focuses on economic development, community development and workforce development, separating them from other development authorities and setting the tone for the momentum they hope to achieve moving forward. 

Jenni Bonura, President & CEO, Harry Norman, Realtors

Jenni Bonura is the President and CEO of Harry Norman Realtors, a nine-decade standing real estate company based in Atlanta that is striving to incorporate greater technology into its platform. “We love technology and know it is unique and pervasive in different industries. It came late to real estate but it’s something that we have utilized for a while, and it continues improving,” said Bonura for Focus: Atlanta 2021. At Harry Norman Realtors, they’re making it easier for buyers and sellers in the market with their mobile app and innovations such as automated virtual assistants.

Lily del C. Berrios, Principal & President, Sizemore Group

Lily del C. Berrios is Principal and President of Sizemore Group, an architectural firm that specializes in higher education, K-12, religious and government/civic projects. Their focus is creating purposeful, beautiful spaces in an increasingly remote world through innovative, sustainable architecture, planning and interior design. “If you want employees to come back, you have to offer them better choices for food as well, whether that means bringing food to the office or having better options for food within the building itself. The focus on health is permeating the types of amenities employees expect within their office or within the building. Let’s also not forget that people are aware of air exchanges and natural light, and that will continue to be the case,” said Berrios for Focus: Atlanta 2021.

Sarah Morrison, President & CEO, Shepherd Center

Sarah Morrison is the President and CEO of Shepherd Center, a not-for-profit hospital that specializes in services such as rehabilitation, research, and medical treatment. Since 2008, Shepherd Center has consistently ranked among the Top 10 best rehabilitation hospitals in the nation. From a staff that volunteers at various non-profit organizations across Atlanta to free online education offerings to patients, families and other healthcare providers, Shepherd Center is dedicated to fostering unmatched outcomes both within and outside its walls. “The best part of Shepherd Center’s future is that we will be able to serve more people who need our specialized services,” said Morrison for Focus: Atlanta 2021.

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