What lured you to Nashville?

What lured you to Nashville?

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Writer: Joey Garrand

4 min read November 2021— Nashville has attracted a wide variety of businesses and individuals in recent years, snowballing into one of the nation’s hottest, most-discussed markets. With Invest:, some of the region’s most well-known newcomers discussed what attracted them to the region and their experiences thus far.

What lured AllianceBernstein to Nashville, and have you seen an increase in your colleagues’ well-being as a result of moving to Nashville?

Adam Sansiveri, Senior Vice President, Managing Director & Head of Nashville Private Wealth, Bernstein Private Wealth Management

There are so many draws to this great city. We were early in the latest migratory trend but wish we were perhaps even earlier. It’s clear that our executives were right in the choice that we made to move to Nashville. When we looked across 30 cities in the United States and chose Nashville as the winner, it was a combination of the incredibly unique culture and the city’s status as a place where people want to live. This drives one of our key focuses: the future of talent. The next generation of AB employees want to live and work in Nashville. Knowing that we will be able to both retain and attract the best talent was incredibly attractive for AB.

I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the quality of life is, how wonderful the people are and how wonderful the business community is. I can’t imagine leaving at this point. One of the exciting things we have seen is that people who were never slated to move here have raised their hand and are now asking to move to Nashville to be a part of our HQ and this city.

What lured RSM to the Nashville market, and how happy were your employees who moved to Nashville to support the new office?

Benjamin Wagonfield, Office Leader in Nashville, RSM US LLP

Nashville is a dynamic city that continues to grow daily, both from a business standpoint, a tourist and entertainment hotspot, and in that people simply want to move here to be a part of the growth and excitement that permeates everything. For a firm our size, the fifth-largest accounting firm in the United States, establishing a presence in a city of this magnitude with such accelerated growth was always an opportunity that we knew we’d pursue. RSM has been serving clients in Tennessee for a very long time and the time was right in 2018 for us to plant roots in Nashville. 

Every person who moves here — and we moved people here within all services lines of our firm from across the United States — says, “It’s amazing how nice people are and they genuinely care about who you are and where you’re from.” This is a very welcoming community. 

In the marketplace, everyone has been receptive to getting to know us, hearing who we are, and it doesn’t take long to show the value we can bring to the market. Moving to Nashville has been a fun personal experience and a tremendous opportunity for accelerated career development and growth for all of our team members.

What attracted you to Nashville?

Courtney Pogue, Director of Economic and Community Development, Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

The opportunity to work with the mayor and his vision for the historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that are here, Fisk, Meharry and Tennessee State, were the key attractions for me. Coming here and seeing the growth but also the opportunity to create greater balance, especially in the northern part of the city where historically there has been underinvestment, sparked my enthusiasm for this region. This position also aligns with my previous positions in Dallas, metro Atlanta and Chicago. 

How would you describe the openness and interconnectedness of Nashville in comparison to other markets and regions you’ve been in?

Ian Ayre, CEO, Nashville SC

The one thing that has resonated with me since coming here three years ago is that it’s a very tight-knit community and there’s a genuine willingness to work together, and nowhere more so than among the sports teams. In the MLS and Nashville, I’ve had partners and sponsors tell me how important it is to them that teams have a good relationship. We’re not in competition with each other. The crossover between fans is very low, so you’re not competing for much. The ability to help each other just makes the overall picture of Nashville a bigger success, which attracts more business and more revenue. I enjoy that it’s a collaborative business market. I don’t think you get that warmth and cooperation in all markets.

What makes Nashville a great location for your executive office?

Paul Kusserow, Chairman & CEO, Amedisys

The company has been based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for almost 40 years and it has been a wonderful place; we still have close to 500 employees based there. We also established a presence in Nashville with our executive office to become more interconnected with the flow of the healthcare world, to recruit more experienced talent and to bolster our expansion efforts. Nashville has been very friendly and welcoming to our move. 

If you mention Nashville to any healthcare firm considering relocation they will consider it even if they have significant assets in other places. The fact is you can’t swing your arms in Nashville without hitting at least five healthcare CEOs in the process. This is an extraordinary environment where you get to see all the elements and angles of healthcare, which is something you can’t get anywhere else. Nashville also has a supreme pool of talent that is consistently growing.

What makes Middle Tennessee a great market for UBS?

Jerry Johnson, South Central Market Head , UBS Wealth Management USA 

The diversity of Middle Tennessee is unbelievable, both from a business and a cultural perspective. The fact that Nashville is not reliant on a single industry makes the market recession-resilient. With a wide array of industries, from the healthcare market to music, Middle Tennessee’s genetic makeup is unique and unlike any other market in the country. Since our move to Nashville in 2014, along with the relocation and local expansions of other financial firms, we have seen the financial services industry grow exponentially, which has added to the market’s overall diversity. Moreover, this is a very culturally diverse market, which is crucial to the future growth of all industries. It’s simply a great environment for businesses and job seekers. I have yet to find or meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy living in the city.

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