What Does The Consul-General of Argentina Say About Miami?

What Does The Consul-General of Argentina Say About Miami?

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Invest: Miami speaks with Marcelo Giusto, Consul-General of Argentina in Miami

Miami has always been in the minds and hearts of Argentines, as shown by the fact that more than 427,000 Argentines arrived at the Miami International Airport in 2014. One of the advantages of this connectivity is it provides opportunities for Argentines to expand their businesses here. Many Argentine businesses are installing their regional headquarters in Miami to attract business from the U.S., the Caribbean and Latin America. The Argentine entrepreneur spirit is strongly felt in Miami-Dade County, where, for instance, there are hundreds of SME’s and startups driven by our nationals. Miami is a natural launch pad for Argentine entrepreneurs to take their first step into the U.S.

The cooperation between authorities in Argentina and Miami helps to facilitate the arrival of approximately 70 small Argentine businesses per year to showcase their products and services across Miami’s top conventions and participate in B2B matchmaking events organized by the Consulate of Argentina. Meanwhile our country continues to seek to balance our trade de cit, with particular respect to the Miami Customs District, currently Argentina’s largest U.S. partner in millions of dollars of total trade. In addition to the products that have historically enjoyed great success in Florida such as wines, berries and leather related products, increasingly more Argentine companies in the creative and tech-driven industries are offering their services in Miami. Companies with expertise in digital marketing, audiovisual, media creation and software development, among others, are finding favorable market conditions in Miami.

The fact that Miami has a great number of Argentines in key leadership positions across multinationals, academia, the arts and health care among other sectors has allowed us to create a networking platform to promote Argentina in the local community throughout its people as well as provide Argentine companies opportunities to establish key relationships in this new market. As Argentina works toward strengthening its relationship with the U.S., it will continue to utilize Miami, Buenos Aires’ sister city, as a hub for its economic and cultural initiatives.