Transforming Haverhill: Historic New England’s vision to bring history to life

Transforming Haverhill: Historic New England’s vision to bring history to life

Writer: Eleana Teran 

2 min read July 2023 — Historic New England, one of the most prominent independent preservation organizations in the country, has announced a redevelopment initiative that will breathe new life for the city of Haverhill. The redevelopment is expected to boost regional tourism and grow the creative economy in the area.

“This is about more than just bricks and mortar, it’s about making history come alive,” said Vin Cipolla, the CEO of Historic New England to Invest:. “The plan is to convert our current warehouse, which holds the world’s largest and most exceptional collection of New England artifacts, into a vibrant public space that will welcome visitors from near and far.”

As part of this initiative, Historic New England aims to develop a range of educational and exhibition programs that will showcase the rich history of New England and its influence on the region today. These programs will be housed in a new cultural hub, the Historic New England Center for Preservation and Collections, which will form the centerpiece of the redeveloped district.
Drawing on successful models from around the world, the organization has brought together some of the world’s top architectural minds to explore the possibilities for the redevelopment. “We have already engaged some of the world’s best architects to reimagine the future of this historic space,” Cipolla noted.

This ambitious project represents a major opportunity for Haverhill, positioning the city as a key destination within New England’s cultural landscape. With plans to incorporate retail and commercial space, artist live-work spaces, housing, a hotel and more, this redevelopment is set to stimulate significant economic and cultural growth for the region.

The announcement is seen as a major boost to ongoing revitalization efforts in Haverhill and will contribute to further elevating the city’s profile as a hub for culture-driven development in Massachusetts. With a nationally recognized civic and cultural institution at its core, the reimagined downtown district is poised to attract a surge of visitors, catalyzing economic growth and instigating cultural intrigue for years to come.

“Haverhill has a rich history, and we’re excited to bring that to the forefront with this project,” said Cipolla. “We’re looking forward to not just telling the stories of the past but also creating new ones for the future.”

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Image via Historic New England