The rapid rise of Maury County

The rapid rise of Maury County

2022-07-14T03:08:56-04:00August 27th, 2021|Economy, Nashville|

Writer: Alejandro Sanchez 

2 min read August 2021 — As metropolitan areas in the southeastern United States continue to experience substantial population growth, Maury County has risen as one of the top destinations for businesses and residents with a desire to relocate to the region

Maury County is the fastest growing county in Tennessee and the 68th nationwide. A combination of affordable housing, low taxes, and a booming economy has placed Maury County on the map for those looking for a new place to settle. “The main driver of growth in Maury County is also the overall growth in Tennessee and the Middle Tennessee region,”Will Evans, president of the Maury County Chamber & Economic Alliance told The Daily Herald. “We are located in Nashville’s Metropolitan Statistical Area, which plays a role in attracting businesses. We are close to a major city and an hour from the international airport. But we have more affordable options here and great local amenities.”

During an interview with Invest:, Evans also highlighted Maury’s privileged geographic location as an advantage for those seeking relocation there. “For the counties south and around us, this is where they come for their healthcare, shopping and other amenities. This location provides our current and future employers access to a vast and unique workforce of over 800,000 people,” Evans said. 

Since 2014, Maury County has proved to have an enormous potential for growth, as 37 economic projects have been executed in the region, a movement that brought over 6,400 jobs and $5.5 billion in capital investment. 

Over the past 18 months the county has attracted 7 economic development projects, a movement that has brought 2,373 jobs and created $4.23 billion in capital investment. 

Now, local leaders and government officials are mobilizing to ensure that Maury County has the necessary infrastructure to support this rapid demographic expansion. Last month Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and the Department of Economic and Community Development awarded the county with the 3-Start Grant, a program aimed to expand the community’s health, small business and workforce development services. 

With this continued growth, available housing and schooling remain the primary challenges for Maury County. As a response, Columbia Development Services has announced plans to build approximately 6,000 new homes. Similarly, Maury Public School District is planning to expand the network of public schools in the region. 

2021 has brought unique opportunities for Tennessee and its fastest growing county. Today, local leaders and government officials are undertaking the necessary measures to ensure the sustained rise of Maury County as a premier national destination.