The “It City” moniker has never been truer

The “It City” moniker has never been truer

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Writer: Joey Garrand

4 min read June 2021 — Over the past decade, Nashville has grown and evolved into one of the most attractive markets across the country, exemplified by the continuous influx of people and businesses to the Greater Nashville area each day. Local business leaders spoke with Invest: and discussed what has made, and continues to make, Nashville a great market for both business and individuals to call home.

 Tony GiarratanaTony Giarratana, President, GIARRATANA

Jobs are driving our development of housing in the downtown area. Corporate relocations and expansions into the Nashville area are creating tens of thousands of jobs, attracting highly paid, creative-class employees to our city. We are laser-focused on delivering the most walkable, architecturally significant and highest quality apartments and condos for these individuals.

Nashville and the State of Tennessee have been blessed with great leadership in both the public and private sectors. Nashville’s economy is highly diversified and virtually all sectors are booming. We have a highly educated workforce, renowned universities such as Vanderbilt, Belmont and Lipscomb, and the second largest influx of tech jobs in the nation!

We are also the music capital of the world with many talented musicians. It’s not uncommon for today’s waiters and waitresses to go on to become internationally known performers. The music scene contributes substantially to the “hip’n cool vibe” that Nashville enjoys. 

Nashville is attractive to people all over the country because of its small town feel, high quality of life, business friendly government, low cost of living, wonderful climate and lack of state income tax. While we are focused on the urban aspect of Nashville, you are only a few miles away from the beautiful countryside that surrounds Nashville’s city center.

Christie WilsonChristie Wilson, Broker & Owner, The Wilson Group Real Estate Services

No. 1, we have no state income tax in Tennessee, so we draw a lot of people for that reason. Also, we are consistently named one of the friendliest cities, not just in the United States, but in the world.  The climate and cost of living is also “friendly”. It’s a dynamic place to do business. Nashville/Davidson county and city governments are combined, which differs from other locales. As a result, it’s easier to do business here as our Chamber of Commerce and Metro government are typically aligned and work well together.


Geoffrey-StewartGeoffrey Stewart, Office Managing Partner – Nashville, Aprio LLP

The best thing about Nashville is its diversified economy. Oracle is bringing a hub here that is going to create 8,500 new jobs. Nashville is the healthcare capital of the world. Entertainment and tourism have been strong performers as well. The region offers 30 colleges and universities. Amazon is coming to town too. These arrivals are building a solid tech reputation for Nashville. The diversity is there and we are capitalizing on it with the growth of our Nashville Business Incubation Center.

The region also has a significant automotive and manufacturing arm, with Nissan and Mitsubishi’s headquarters being located here. The Japanese consulate is also located in Nashville. 

Another benefit is that we finally have direct flights to London on British Airways so we can get to Europe easily. The “It City” moniker has never been truer. There are close to 20 cranes in town bustling with activity. 


Bradford Vieira, Executive Vice President & Regional CEO, ServisFirst Bank 

Nashville is unique. The first factor is geography. We’re within 600 miles of 80% of the population of the United States. A lot of sectors are thriving. Tourism is a huge factor; healthcare is a huge factor. Eighty percent of all the nation’s acute care hospital beds are run by companies headquartered in Nashville, and that is a very hot sector now with all the stimulus money that’s being pumped into the healthcare system.



Jeff DrummondsJeff Drummonds, Managing Partner & CEO, LBMC

One of the things that truly struck me is that you would see executives come to Nashville as part of a PE transaction or something of that nature, and it was amazing how hard they tried to stay here with their families when typically they would move on to the next gig in another major market. This is a great place to live. Second, this is a very welcoming community from a business perspective. You can call almost any executive in Nashville. Many of them answer their own phone and are willing to discuss business or make introductions. It’s an extremely friendly business environment, both from a state and personal level. People are very engaged and accommodating to helping others be successful, and that’s a unique environment.

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