“I think it is great that you guys have digitized it, and that you are leveraging out information and that you are able to aggregate interviews. It’s helpful for people, and it expands on the presence of the publication with those key stakeholders.”
Michael Munoz, SVP & Market President, Amerihealth NJ


“The way you disseminate the information is great. I had no idea you had so much in-depth knowledge and also were so spread out.”
Bobby Gatling, Senior Vice President, Walker & Dunlop 

“I have had a very positive experience working with you all. I love the publication. I think it’s beautifully done. It’s an attractive package. When it arrives on my desk I unshrink it right away. It’s really high-end, and it does a great job of showing people what Greater Fort Lauderdale is and who we are.”

Stacy Ritter, President & CEO, Visit Lauderale

“This is one of the most professional events we have ever sponsored”

Casey Habich, Director of Marketing & Communications, Pfeiffer University

“We appreciate the work that you guys do, it’s very good”

Jonathan Daniels, CEO & Port Director, Broward County Port Everglades Department

“It’s like a little encyclopedia, but catered to the metropolitan area, that’s helpful. Lots of publications dip into little bits and that but to have a comprehensive resource, it’s helpful. It’s also beautiful. I say that because not every publication has compelling visual images to go along with it. But I think you did a nice job on that part.”

Brendan Kelly, President, University of West Georgia

“I really enjoyed reading and recognizing a lot of the folks that participated. I was very pleased with the coverage Decatur got, and it did a great job as a cross section of the Atlanta metro area with core counties and the different sectors. I think it’s an impressive publication and very much appreciated the ability to participate. I enjoy reading about what’s going on in the other parts of the Metro as well. It’s nice to be able to get this broader view of what’s happening. I think there’s just something nice about a publication you can flip through and read.”

Patti Garrett, Mayor, City of Decatur

“It’s really informative, glad to hear that you’re coming to Pittsburgh. I’m on several boards for the Allegheny Conference and the chair for the PCHE Higher Ed consortium here, your publication and the message really aligns well for our objectives of attracting more talent and investment to the region.”
David Finegold, President, Chatham University 

“It just makes sense that there exists a publication like Invest.”

David Henshall, Director, President & CEO, Citrix Systems

I believe that this is a great endeavor and that Philly will really shine in the various lens through which you look. I look forward to our next meeting.

Debra McCarty, Commissioner, Philadelphia Water Department

“Capital Analytics’ reports are incredibly impressive. There is no better place to go to quickly understand the market or read what the key leaders are saying about operating there.”

Tony Coley, Market PresidentTruist

“This very nicely done publication. Invest is comprehensive, the information is high quality and it’s eye catching. It’s an encyclopedia for people looking to move into the area.”

Leah Carpenter, Executive Vice President and COO, Memorial Healthcare System

“I think it fills a nice niche that hasn’t been seen in Philadelphia yet”

Mike McCurdy, Market Lead, Cushman & Wakefield

“This is a fantastic guide for the city and it also has a lot of great information in it . I really appreciate what you guys are doing… this is a valuable publication.”

Travis Rhodes, Regional President Greater Delaware Valley/Lehigh Valley Region, BB&T

“I’m very impressed with your publication. Your first Philadelphia publication was incredibly impressive and showed the detail and hard work. We are happy that we are doing this with you and we wish you the best of luck in terms of your publications and exposure as well.”

Stephanie Resnick, Managing Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

“We really enjoy this publication! Props to you guys for creating it. I brought this publication back from my interview in Broward, and I’m pretty sure it convinced my husband to move back here.”

Caitlin Stella, CEO, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

“Honestly, I’m quite impressed with the comprehensiveness and the scope. It’s not a magazine that is hodge podge with information. I think this is a good resource for various constituent groups.”
Sidney McPhee, President, Middle Tennessee State University


“This is a first-class publication. Our senior communications person, Stacy, was very impressed.”
Doug Kreulen, President & CEO, Nashville International Airport

“Diversity was the main thing I noticed immediately. The way you put this together is powerful.”
Ed Gainey, Mayor, City of Pittsburgh


“The report features good information that everybody should have.”
Tom Garfinkle, CEO, Miami Dolphins 

“For Jacksonville to be considered by your group, there were some heavy hitter metropolitan areas in that, and I think it speaks to Jacksonville.”
Erik Sharpe, Managing Partner, Brasfield & Gorrie 

“Sometimes these types of publications can be too high level, whereas you have a better feel for the granular level of each market. This is really hyper-local and detailed. It’s fabulous – well done.”
Chris Kelley, President & CEO, Ebby Halliday Companies 

“I was on your website, it looks like a fascinating proposition. It’s a brilliant idea. You really are filling a need. I see Invest, I see you as the uber-fact base for economic development. Everyone’s moving in the Econ Dev space if they havent already. If I’m a site selector, I’m going to professional organizations to learn what I can but to have you guys role all that up in a snapshot? It’s brilliant. Hats off.”
Lynn Casey, Chair, Itasca Project 

“What an incredible breath of fresh air to come in and give a perspective of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. We look forward to being a partner with Invest: Dallas-Fort Worth 2023.”
Beth Bowman, President & CEO, Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce 

“I sat about an hour and a half yesterday going through the book. It’s an awesome book. You guys cover a lot: I saw construction, real estate, higher ed, professional services, the legal folks. I mean, it’s a really well put together book”
Malcomb Coley, EY Central Region Growth Market Leader and Charlotte Managing Partner, Ernst & Young – EY 

“I thought it was comprehensive, you include different perspectives there, you did a good job”
Vi Lyles, Mayor, City of Charlotte

“Congrats on a beautiful book that I’m sure the city is happy with. We appreciate the opportunity to be included and the member banks and bankers you featured so prominently. The book showed well the complexity, diversity and opportunities in the Atlanta metro market.”
Joe Brannen, President & CEO, Georgia Bankers Association

“Please know that we greatly appreciate your time and all of your efforts, thanks so much for including Wistar in your noble cause!”

Heather Steinman,VP of Business Development, Wistar Institute

“I’ve been to a lot of events recently with very little attendance, but yours absolutely blew it out of the park!”

Paul Marden, CEO — New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, UnitedHealthcare

“A highly informative and beautifully arranged publication covering the most significant issues facing Miami-Dade County.”

Eric Woolworth, President — The HEAT Group

“This is a tough business, but you’ve managed to include all of the right players and focus on all of the major stories. On top of that, it looks great.”

Dan Lindblade, President & CEO, Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

“I have seen your book in Atlanta, and cannot wait to see it in Philadelphia!”

Tim Romig, SVP of PA and NJ, Customers Bank

“I receive a lot of publications in the mail and this is one of the few that actually adds value. I like the format a lot and we are always happy to be involved”

John Barton, President & CEO, Northwood Office

“This is perfect timing for the publication, it’s extremely impressive and anything that promotes business in Tampa Bay I fully support.”

James Nozar, CEO, Strategic Property Partners