Technology and Innovation

Transaction Alley

January 2018 — Atlanta has recently been promoting itself as the global fintech capital, and rightfully so. The fintech sector generates approximately $72 billion in annual revenue for Georgia. Nearly 70 percent of all U.S. transactions are processed through a...

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Growing a tech hub

Medina CapitaManaging Partner and eMerge Americas Conference creator Manuel D. Medina discusses Miami’s budding tech industry What were the origins of eMerge Americas and the movement to build a tech hub in Miami? The idea grew out of my frustrations in running a...

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What does Rokk3r Labs say about Miami?

Invest: Miami speaks with Nabyl Charania, Co-Founder and CEO The lack of professionalized or institutional investment has been an issue for this market and affects companies needing to access growth capital. A startup can raise the initial $200,000 to $2 million from...

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