Spotlight On:
Stephanie Freeman, President & CEO, Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber

Spotlight On:
Stephanie Freeman, President & CEO, Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber

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By: Max Crampton- Thomas

1 min read April 2020 — Dunwoody, a city in DeKalb County and a northern suburb of Atlanta, has faced the same challenges as other cities fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephanie Freeman, president and CEO of Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber, whose goal is to advance economic prosperity, relayed to Invest: the chamber’s efforts to assist the business community through this unprecedented crisis.

How is your organization working to assist the business community in mitigating the challenges and impact felt from the COVID-19 pandemic? 

At this time of social distancing, the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber is working diligently to be the steady voice of reason and reassurance for all businesses and the entire community. While our normal plan of work may be on hold, we are here to help businesses during this time of crisis. As they work to thrive during the current economic conditions, we are here for them; providing education, assistance, resources, and if needed a confidential outlet in which to discuss the future. We have developed a web page, are communicating daily with our members, and have developed an Engage Dunwoody Facebook group encouraging the entire community to communicate during this time. 

Do you feel the business community is receiving enough state and federal support? 

While the business community is receiving support from both the state and federal governments, the guidelines and regulations are ever changing. As this pandemic and its affects continue to vary, this is somewhat expected; however, businesses and community leaders look forward to a time when standards become more finalized. 

How can the local community best assist your efforts in this time of need? 

During this time, the local community may best assist the Dunwoody Perimeter Chamber by communicating their specific needs. While we can’t fix all issues, we are here to provide resources and advocate on behalf of the business community.

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