Spotlight On: November 2022

Spotlight On: November 2022

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Every year Capital Analytics has the chance to interview 1000s of the nation’s top-level executives and leaders. Our SpotlightOn series is an exclusive opportunity for readers to receive these leaders’ thoughtful insights and perspectives that ultimately help to inform the editorial in our publications.

Jerry Bowen, President – Southeast Market, Comerica Bank

2 min read October 2022 — The economic slowdown will likely impact areas like capital spending and mergers and acquisitions, but Jerry Bowen, Southeast market president of Comerica Bank, told Invest: that this has not happened yet for his North Carolina banking business where there is still a lot of liquidity in the market, and he remains bullish on the long-term prospects for the region. Read more

Spencer Calvert, President, The Pineapple Corp.

2 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Spencer Calvert, CEO of The Pineapple Corp., talked about the current landscape of Jacksonville and the impact interest rates are having on the housing market. Calvert also shared what trends he is seeing in terms of amenities people want for their homes and what role housing generally plays in the economic growth of a region. Read more

Antonio Argiz, South Florida Managing Partner, BDO USA, LLP

2 min read November 2022 — Invest: spoke with Antonio Argiz, South Florida managing partner at BDO, about the impact of the labor shortage, the switch to remote and hybrid work models and being an exclusive sponsor of Accounting Rookie Camp. “We need to tackle labor shortages, and it may be something we are experiencing for the whole decade,” said Argiz. Read more

Donald Smith, President, Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC)

2 min read November 2022 —In an interview with Invest:, Donald Smith, president of the Regional Industrial Development Corporation (RIDC), talked about the regional focus of RIDC and its focus on autonomous vehicles and robotics. “I believe, and no one has been able to disprove me, that we have more autonomous vehicle tenants in our portfolio than any landlord in the world. Uber, Argo and Aurora all started in our space, or are in our space now,” he said. Read more

Rob Killen, Partner, Killen, Griffin & Farrimond – San Antonio

2 min read  November 2022—Invest: spoke with Rob Killen of Killen, Griffin & Farrimond, a law firm specializing in land use and economic development, who discussed development in San Antonio and how it needs to be creative and innovative to combat ever-growing land scarcity. “I tell clients that easy pieces of land to develop are gone so new projects are getting harder to develop,” he said. Read more

Butch Spyridon, CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

2 min read November 2022 — Butch Spyridon, CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, spoke with Invest: about the recent highlights for his organization in the last 12 months and the current state of the tourism and hospitality industries. Additionally, he discussed best marketing strategies to continue to attract people to the region and his outlook for the next two to three years. Read more

Kenneth LaChance, Wealth Management Executive, Wells Fargo Advisors

3 min read November 2022 — In an Interview with Invest:, Kenneth LaChance, high net worth executive at Wells Fargo Advisors, discussed key highlights and milestones over the past year, challenges the region is facing, adaptation to an era of ESG and his outlook for the economy. “High interest rates and the stock market are on everybody’s mind,” said LaChance. Read more

Thomas Collins, Managing Director – Boston, Avison Young U.S.

2 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Managing Director of Avison Young – Boston, Tom Collins, reflected on the growth he has seen since arriving in Boston as well as the lingering impacts of the challenges from the last few years. He also shared how his organization is anticipating changes and adapting to new client needs. Read more

Samantha DeAlmeida, President, Associated Builders and Contractors of New Jersey

2 min read November 2022 — Invest: spoke with Samantha DeAlmeida, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors of New Jersey, about the evolving landscape of construction in the state and how opportunities for open shops will be critical to growth in the future. “Statewide, all of our members are doing well and there’s more than enough work to go around,” she said. Read more

Christopher Scott, CEO, Scott + Reid General Contractors, Inc.

2 min read November 2022 — Chris Scott, CEO of Scott + Reid General Contractors, told Invest: his thoughts on what makes Dallas such a unique place to do business – the relationships that keep the economy growing. “One thing about Dallas is it’s a relationship town,” he said. “We do life with most of our clients, and we’re blessed to do that.” Read more

James Day, General Manager – Carolinas, Cigna 

2 min read November 2022 — Raleigh-Durham’s healthcare landscape is as dynamic as its demographic and economic growth. James Day, market leader and general manager for the Carolinas of global health services company Cigna, spoke with Invest: about its work in three particular areas: healthcare affordability, strengthening the mental and physical health connection in the provision of care and access to care. Read more

Renay Dossman, President, Neighborhood Development Center

3 min read November 2022 —The MSP region is setting the stepping stones to develop tech hubs and other measures to nurture what is poised to become a thriving entrepreneurial environment. Renay Dossman, president of the Neighborhood Development Center (NDC), spoke with Invest: and discussed recent developments and the needs of those the NDC works with. Read more

Robert Peluso, President, Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce

2 min read November 2022 — Robert Peluso, president of the Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce, is looking toward the future. Investing in new projects and the future of young citizens, he aims to support and encourage growth and prosperity in the community. He told Invest:, “Our goal is to be a marketing liaison between our members. We’ve been very proactive about being out there in the community.” Read more

Justin Maierhofer, Regional Vice President, Tennessee Valley Authority

2 min read November 2022 — Trends like the growth of electric cars represent a major change for electricity companies. In an interview with Invest:, Tennessee Valley Authority Regional Vice President Justin Maierhofer spoke about the growth of the region and the future of electricity. “This industry will evolve more over probably the next two decades than the previous nine decades alone,” said Maierhofer. Read more

Julio Frenk, President, University of Miami

2 min read November 2022 — Invest: spoke with Julio Frenk, president of the University of Miami, who discussed how the institution is implementing a number of innovations, from academic incubators to cost-saving scholarships. “We will continue to be efficient and sustainable so that money is never a barrier for a student to attain their education goals,” he said. Read more

Tuesday Stanley, President, Westmoreland County Community College

2 min read November 2022 — Westmoreland County Community College (Westmoreland), located in Youngwood, Pa., serves the residents of Westmoreland, Fayette and Indiana counties. Invest: spoke to Westmoreland President Tuesday Stanley about current trends in student enrollment, local workforce needs and programs for keeping tuition affordable. Read more

Amy Story, President & CEO, Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Corporation

2 min read November 2022 — With the launch of the incubator, Das GreenHaus, set to open in January, the Boerne Kendall County Economic Development Corporation is focused on creating a space for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow. Invest: spoke with Amy Story, president and CEO of the corporation, about the milestones, economic and workforce development and the sustainability of the county. Read more

Christian Oldenburg, Executive Managing Director & Market Leader – North Florida, Colliers

2 min read November 2022 — Christian Oldenburg, executive managing director and market leader at real estate services and investment management firm Colliers in North Florida, spoke with Invest: about the commercial real estate sector’s current and future economic impact vis-a-vis land usage, the incorporation of technology to deliver an immersive and comprehensive user experience and the exponential growth of the industrial sector within Jacksonville. Read more

Kevin Ahearn, CEO – Boston Division, Douglas Elliman Real Estate

2 min read November 2022 — Douglas Elliman Real Estate is one of the leading luxury brokerages in the nation and its origins date back to 1911. Invest: spoke with CEO Kevin Ahearn about the residential real estate market in Boston and the outlying areas, the company’s initiatives, and the current state of the market, including the outlook for the Boston area over the next five years. Read more

Ralph Cutié, Director & CEO, Miami International Airport

2 min read November 2022 — Miami International Airport has experienced explosive growth over the last two years, and it is now No. 1 in the United States for international passengers and  international freight. In an interview with Invest:, Ralph Cutié, director and CEO of MIA, discussed how they have a $6 billion improvement program in progress to account for all of the growth. Read more

James Caliendo, President & CEO, PWCampbell

2 min read November 2022 — PWCampbell is a fourth generation, full-range professional design-build, branding, and technology services organization, concentrating efforts on the design and construction needs of the financial, commercial and residential industries. In an interview with Invest:, President & CEO James Caliendo shared his insights into today’s construction landscape, discussing demand dynamics and internal generational changes. Read more

Kevin Walker, Head of Credit Suisse Raleigh, Credit Suisse

2 min read November 2022 — With the mix of companies moving to the Raleigh-Durham region and the infrastructure investments that are needed going forward, Credit Suisse sees a lot of business opportunities for the bank in the coming years, Kevin Walker, managing director and head of the bank in Raleigh said in an interview with Invest:. Read more

Kenneth Holmen, President & CEO, CentraCare Minneapolis

3 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Kenneth Holmen, president & CEO of CentraCare, discussed the key milestones during the past year, strategies to recruit and retain talent, what makes the Twin Cities a great market to be in and the outlook for the healthcare industry in the near future. Read more

Robert Puente, President & CEO, San Antonio Water System

2 min read November 2022 — Invest: spoke with Robert Puente, president and CEO of San Antonio Water System, about the impact of recent droughts and climate change, their plans to develop water resiliency and to maintain their strong record of conservation, and the importance of having community members advise their board. “We want to build water security for decades to come,” he said. Read more

Bryan Hutchinson, Chief Executive Officer, Monmouth Ocean Regional REALTORS®

2 min read November 2022 — Bryan Hutchinson, CEO of Monmouth Ocean Regional REALTORS ® , talked with Invest: about the impact of rising inflation and interest rates on the purchasing capacity of buyers, chiefly first-time homeowners, and how his association works toward ensuring housing for marginalized people. Read more

David Davis, Market President, Seaside Bank

2 min read November 2022 — Seaside Bank & Trust serves clients of all sizes across Florida. Invest: spoke with Market President David Davis about what differentiates the bank, the services it offers and what makes Northeast Florida a promising region for growth. “This is an exciting time to be in this region,” he said. Read more

Rick Kidder, Co-CEO, One SouthCoast Chamber

2 min read November 2022 — Rick Kidder, Co-CEO of One SouthCoast Chamber, spoke with Invest: about development within New Bedford and Fall River as both are set to become a major part of the offshore wind industry, the construction of a rail connection with Boston and the challenges faced due to high energy costs and demand for a quality workforce. Read more

Marty Bonick, President & CEO, Ardent Health Services

2 min read November 2022 —In an interview with Invest:, Marty Bonick, president and CEO of Ardent Health Services, discussed the numerous healthcare innovations that help to assist patients and providers, and the slow adoption of the “volume to value” philosophy. Regarding changing patient expectations after the pandemic, he said, “This has been a wakeup call to the industry and the industry is responding.” Read more

Allison Sharkey, Executive Director, Lake Street Council

2 min read November 2022 — Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Lake Street Corridor is benefiting from creativity and its strong sense of community to rebuild and rebound after the tumult in the wake of the George Floyd murder. Allison Sharkey, executive director of Lake Street Council, spoke with Invest: about how the rebuilding and revalorization of minority-owned businesses are the centerpieces of these efforts. Read more

Cory Kuchinsky, CFO, CPS Energy

2 min read November 2022 — Cory Kuchinsky, CFO of CPS Energy, caught up with Invest: San Antonio to discuss the recent highlights of the organization and how the utilities sector has changed in the last year. Kuchinsky talked about how CPS Energy reinvests in their community, the challenges that come with inflation and supply chain demands and what his outlook is for the company and sector for the near term. Read more

Theodore Bovard, Founding Partner & CEO, Fort Pitt Capital Group

2 min read November 2022 — Invest: spoke with Theodore Bovard, founding partner & CEO of Fort Pitt Capital Group, to discuss how retirement planning is evolving in the current economic climate and why inflation shouldn’t be a long-term concern for clients. “People have to remember that these are short-term issues and that investment is a marathon, not a sprint,” he said. Read more

Candice McQueen, President, Lipscomb University

2 min read November 2022 —In an interview with Invest:, Candice McQueen, president of Lipscomb University, talked about some of the highlights from the last year and how they continue to follow through with their mission and remain a valuable cultural and economic partner for the region and the state. “Lipscomb has just completed a bold strategic plan that continues to move us further into the top tier of Christ-centered universities in the country,” said McQueen. Read more

Charles Lattuca, President & CEO, GoTriangle

2 min read November 2022 — GoTriangle serves as the regional transit system for the wider Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. In a conversation with Invest:, Charles Lattuca, president and CEO of GoTriangle, touched on some of the issues facing the development of a more unified regional transit system, how he and others are addressing those issues and the outlook for the region’s transportation infrastructure as more people flock to the Triangle. Read more

Melvin Vieira, President, Greater Boston Association of Realtors

2 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Greater Boston Association of Realtors President Melvin Vieira talked about some of the programs the organization has put in place to better educate realtors on the changing market, the role of gateway cities and what is needed to ensure population growth in Greater Boston. Read more

Armando Hernandez, CEO, H&CO

2 min read November 2022 — Invest: spoke with Armando Hernandez, CEO at H&CO, about the continued influx of foreign investors in Miami. When asked about his clients he stated, “They are looking for a trusted partner that can help them navigate the complexities of investing in a new market or opening a new business. They want someone that has been doing it for years to guide them in the right direction. This is what we do and do best.” Read more

Robin Wahby, Owner & CEO, Wahby Financial Group

2 min read November 2022 — Wahby Financial Group is a full-service wealth management firm that helps clients with estate and legacy planning, wealth management and retirement planning, among others. Invest: spoke with owner and CEO Robin Wahby regarding the firm’s operations, the benefits of the recent influx of people and business into the area and the future of financial advising. Read more

Evan Beattie, Chairman & CEO, GFF

2 min read November 2022 — In case of a recession, the strategic response of GFF Architects is to diversify. “We want to have a diverse design practice that’s not fully dependent on one single sector, such as multifamily apartment developers,” said Chairman and CEO Evan Beattie, in an interview with Invest:. Read more

Jeff Call, Managing Partner, Bennett Thrasher

2 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Jeff Call, managing partner of accounting and consulting firm Bennett Thrasher, discussed the firm’s highlights and milestones from the past year, shifts in demand and strategies to recruit talent. Overall, Call is confident about the opportunities that exist for Bennett Thrasher and Atlanta over the near future. Read more

Dan Waldman, President, Waldman & Associates

2 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Dan Waldman, president of Waldman & Associates, talked about which areas in the real estate market are seeing the most demand in Greater Boston, what differentiates his company from others in the region, how affordable housing is being addressed and his outlook for the region. Read more

Scott Brandman, Managing Partner – Miami & New York, Baker McKenzie

2 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Scott Brandman, managing partner of Baker McKenzie’s Miami and New York offices, discussed how the legal sector is helping to ensure responsible growth as the population expands, what sets the firm apart from other players in the market, key client concerns and advice for lawyers coming into the industry. Read more

Jeffrey Hipschman, Senior Managing Director, CBRE

2 min read November 2022 — Invest: spoke with Jeffrey Hipschman, senior managing director of CBRE, about the challenges and opportunities that the firm has experienced in New Jersey over the past few years, the implementation of new technologies and how market fluctuations are affecting its business and the local economy. Read more

Laura Oberst, Executive Vice President & Head of Central Region – Commercial Banking, Wells Fargo

2 min read November 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Laura Oberst, executive vice president & head of the central region for Commercial Banking at Wells Fargo, talked about some of the highlights for Wells Fargo over the last year, including the return to working in the office and being able to reinvigorate the bank’s employee culture. Oberst also discussed the adoption of technology and the issues that are impacting the nation as well as the Twin Cities. Read more

Tom McCall, COO & CFO, ICI Homes

2 min read November 2022 — COO of ICI Homes, Tom McCall, spoke with Invest: about staying ahead of market needs and attracting customers to Jacksonville. He talked about shifting priorities since the COVID-19 pandemic and how ICI Homes is rethinking marketing for a new age of clients. Read more

Spotlight On: Steven Mack, CEO, Texas Heritage Bank

2 min read November 2022 — Steven Mack, CEO of Texas Heritage Bank, spoke with Invest: about the future of banking, his own experience within the industry and what sets his community apart. Despite economic uncertainty and rising interest rates, the bank has been able to adapt to the challenge, he said. Read more