By: Yolanda Rivas

2 min read November 2019 — As the banking sector gets more concentrated, some financial institutions are implementing rebranding efforts to meet the demands of customers and keep up with the latest innovations and technologies. Addition Financial recently went through a rebranding effort and is now focusing on expanding its footprint. President and CEO Kevin Miller shared the financial institution’s latest updates with Invest: Orlando. 



What has been the impact of rebranding as Addition Financial?

In the last year we have made multiple changes, the biggest being our transition from a federal charter to a state charter. The state of Florida has a business-friendly environment and they were able to offer us some additional regulatory flexibility, for example a much larger territory and additional flexibility in the way we conduct our business and investments. We changed our name from Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union to Addition Financial. We have also been expanding our footprint and recently acquired a small bank. These efforts have been part of our focus on expanding our presence throughout Central Florida.


We are focusing on our name change and rebranding effort to make it clear that more people can join the credit union. The rebranding has been positive, we have more people joining us and our new message, image and culture have been well-received. We have been in Orlando for more than 80 years. We have a great relationship with the community, which is vibrant and growing at a rapid pace. The diversity of culture in Orlando, provides us with numerous opportunities to continue our expansion and reach more people. 


What differentiates Addition Financial from the competition?

As a credit union, we are a not-for-profit financial institution, which means that our motivations are different than the for-profit institutions. A differentiator for us is our focus on the community and our educational ties. When we interact with our members we focus on the educational aspect. We support education and we also make sure that we educate people about financial literacy. We partner with K-12 schools in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties and we have student-run branches in some high schools in each of those counties. We train the students to run the branch and teach financial literacy to their peers. We also have a program to educate college students on meeting their unique financial needs. In addition, we are working on housing affordability with these partners. We partnered with the districts to create a custom program to help teachers live in the communities where they work. 


What are some notable changes in Orlando’s banking and finance sector over the last few years?


A lot of the people who come into our branches are surprisingly young. The younger generations are looking for consulting and advisory types of services, while the older generation comes to our branches mostly for transactions. In terms of services, we have seen an uptick in small business demand. We focus on smaller businesses that maybe don’t feel like they have enough size or capital to go to some of the larger financial institutions. Lending is at an all-time high for us. We are seeing a lot of refinancing, especially with interest rates being so low.



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