Spotlight On: June 2022

Spotlight On: June 2022

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Every year Capital Analytics has the chance to interview 1000s of the nation’s top level executives and leaders. Our Spotlight On series is an exclusive opportunity for readers to receive these leaders’ thoughtful insights and perspectives that ultimately help to inform the editorial in our publications. The following are all of the Spotlight On‘s released in June 2022.

Nashville  John Vardaman, Nashville Business Unit Leader, DPR Construction

2 min read June 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, DPR Construction’s Nashville Business Unit Leader John Vardaman discussed tech-driven projects, the organization’s involvement in the region, strategies to mitigate the challenges of the market and priorities going forward. Read more

Palm Beach Irvin Lippman, Executive Director, Boca Raton Museum of Art

2 min read June 2022 — Irvin Lippman, executive director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art, talked with Invest: about the ways the museum encourages people to appreciate art and how technology ties into that. Lippman also discussed the successes of the past year and his outlook for the near term. Read more

Philadelphia Maxine Cuffe, Vice President & Director of Global Strategies, The Haverford Trust Company

2 min read June 2022 — The Haverford Trust Company provides investment management services, offering wealth management, financial planning, portfolio management and advisory services. In an interview with Invest:, Vice President and Director of Global Strategies Maxine Cuffe discussed achievements and milestones, innovations, changes in the work environment, shifts in demand, ESG and the importance of global investments in portfolios. Read more

Raleigh-Durham Jim Allen, President , The Jim Allen Group

2 min read June 2022 — President of The Jim Allen Group, Jim Allen covered a lot of ground with Invest:. During his interview, Jim discussed the precedent of home appreciation in the past year, the future of home ownership in the Triangle and the benefits of the Coming Soon status. “People are buying community,” he said. Read more

Dallas  Stephen Mason, Mayor, City of Cedar Hill

2 min read June 2022 — Sustainability, community engagement and long-term growth. Those are the plans that Stephen Mason, mayor of Cedar hill, has in store to continue securing the vibrancy and attractiveness of the city. Read more

Raleigh-Durham  Evan Duff, President, North Carolina Wesleyan University

2 min read June 2022 — In 2022, North Carolina Wesleyan College took a major step forward in becoming NC Wesleyan University. In an interview with Invest:, President Evan Duff discussed the school’s recent accreditations, how donations help shape the school’s future and the selling points of attending universities in North Carolina. “We are a growing state with great enterprise, and Raleigh-Durham is a great example of that,” Duff said. Read more

Ted Durkin

Pittsburgh Ted Durkin, Managing Director of the Pennsylvania/Southern New Jersey Market UBS Financial Services Inc.

2 min read June 2022 — UBS is on the bleeding edge of intertwining ESG with investment decisions. In an interview with Invest:, Managing Director of the Pennsylvania/Southern New Jersey Market for UBS Ted Durkin discussed the transition of ESG from a buzzword to necessity, as well as a variety of topics ranging from the future of work to Philadelphia’s next steps in fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Read more

Harry Allen

Nashville Harry Allen, Co-Founder & Chief Relationship Officer, Studio Bank

2 min read June 2022 — Studio Bank is a boutique bank that provides organizations, families and individuals with sophisticated financial services. In an interview with Invest:, Co-Founder and Chief Relationship Officer Harry Allen discussed milestones and achievements, strategies to recruit new talent, Studio’s value proposition and financial literacy. Read more

michael gorman

South Jersey Michael Gorman, President, Salem Community College

3 min read June 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, President of Salem Community College Michael Gorman discussed how the college is embracing innovative academic programs like gaming and scientific glass technology to meet the growing workforce demand in emerging and growing industries. Gorman also shared insights into the long-lasting challenges of the pandemic. Read more

Rick Bell

Nashville Rick Bell, Mayor, City of Lebanon

2 min read June 2022 — Invest: spoke with Rick Bell, mayor of the city of Lebanon, to discuss the region’s outstanding growth in business and population. “People are moving in, businesses are investing and we’re experiencing some of the best economic growth I’ve seen in my life,” he said. Read more

John Powell

Raleigh-Durham John Powell, President, Phoenix Commercial Properties

2 min read June 2022 — Phoenix Commercial Properties closed the books last year as their best on record. Despite the growing opportunities, John Powell, president of the organization, said they have already decided to continue choosing quality over quantity. “We prefer no deal over the wrong deal for our clients,” he told Invest:. Read more

Rex Kirby

Palm Beach Rex Kirby, President, Verdex Construction

2 min read June 2022 — Invest: spoke with Rex Kirby, president of Verdex Construction, and discussed the rapid population growth that has helped spark a boom in construction of homes and rentals. “The challenge now is that it’s getting unaffordable,” he said. Read more

Anurag Jain

Dallas Anurag Jain, Chairman & CEO, Access Healthcare

2 min read June 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Anurag Jain, chairman, and CEO of Access Healthcare, talked about what the company has been able to achieve over the course of the pandemic and what the future of healthcare looks like. Jain reflected on Access Healthcare’s ability to get back up and running early in the pandemic, and how it has continued to make a difference in the community through his nonprofit side with the program Get Shift Done. Read more

David Stonesifer

Philadelphia David Stonesifer, Managing Partner, Herbein + Company, Inc.

2 min read June 2022 — Accounting firms have been focused on bolstering their service offerings beyond audits and tax returns. David Stonesifer, managing partner at Herbein + Company, Inc., spoke with Invest: and shared his insights on his company’s nontraditional CPA services, strategies to hire in a tightened talent pool and the advantages of doing business in the Philadelphia area. Read more

John Ackerman

Dallas John Ackerman, Executive Vice President of Global Strategy and Development, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

2 min read June 2022 — Invest: spoke with John Ackerman, executive vice president of global strategy and development at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, and discussed how the success of the aviation sector in North Texas is fundamentally tied to the economic strength of the region. “The resilience of our area during the pandemic has been a big key,” he said. Read more

Michael Miller

Palm Beach Michael Miller, President & CEO, iTHINK Financial

2 min read June 2022 — Consolidation is the name of the game in the credit union and community bank business. In an interview with Invest:, Michael Miller, president and CEO of iTHINK Financial, said there used to be 22,000 credit unions and now there are 5,000, with no end in sight to the consolidation trend as companies need to improve economies of scale. Read more

Brian Katz

Tampa Bay Brian Katz, Founder & CEO, Katz Capital

2 min read June 2022 — Tampa Bay is the place to be when it comes to real estate investment. With significant amounts of dry powder and an overperforming office market, Brian Katz, founder and CEO of Katz Capital, spoke with Invest: and shared his insights on the latest trends in Tampa Bay’s real estate market. Read more

George Pallas

Philadelphia George Pallas, Managing Partner, Cohen Seglias

2 min read June 2022 — George Pallas, managing partner at law firm Cohen Seglias, views Philadelphia as a fantastic marketplace and acknowledges the great work that the city has done to make it an attractive place to reside and do business. Pallas spoke with Invest: Philadelphia to discuss how the firm has adjusted the work-life balance of its employees and how technology has benefited its client interactions. Read more

Christopher Paladino

North & Central Jersey Christopher Paladino, President, New Brunswick Development Corporation

3 min read June 2022 — Invest: spoke with Christopher Paladino, president of the New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), and discussed the redevelopment happening in the city, with a focus on higher education and healthcare innovation. “The concept is to build an ecosystem where academics, medicine and entrepreneurs have world-class facilities where they can collaborate,” he said. Read more

Shanté Williams

Charlotte Shanté Williams, President & Chair, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Black Chamber of Commerce

2 min read June 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Shanté Williams, president and chair of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Black Chamber of Commerce, talked about the Chamber’s achievements over the last year and how it continues to support Black entrepreneurs and business owners through their offerings and programs. Read more

Carlos Liriano

Raleigh-Durham Carlos Liriano, Board Chair, North Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

2 min read June 2022 — Invest: was joined by Carlos Liriano, board chair of the North Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, to discuss how the organization’s services can provide an ever diversified business community more pathways to success. “This is where our network can be so helpful,” he said. Read more

Joseph Girgent

Tampa Bay Joseph Girgenti, President, Wilson & Girgenti, LLC

2 min read June 2022 — Wilson & Girgenti is experiencing a gangbuster start to 2022. In an interview with Invest:, President Joseph Girgenti discussed the great growth and demand experienced over the past two years, as well as how the firm has been impacted by various market dynamics. Read more

Marshall Crawford

Nashville Marshall Crawford, President & CEO, The Housing Fund

2 min read June 2022 — Invest: spoke with Marshall Crawford, president and CEO of The Housing Fund, and discussed the nuances surrounding affordable housing and how a growing awareness of disparities in the real estate market can bring more opportunities for people of color. “It’s important that we take a pragmatic approach and not just apply academic textbook methodologies,” he said. Read more