Spotlight On: June 2021

Spotlight On: June 2021

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Every year Capital Analytics has the chance to interview 1000s of the nation’s top level executives and leaders. Our Spotlight On series is an exclusive opportunity for readers to receive these leaders’ thoughtful insights and perspectives that ultimately help to inform the editorial in our publications. The following are all of the Spotlight On‘s released in June 2021.

Amy Carroll

Spotlight On: Amy Carroll, President & Principal, TradeMark Properties

2 min read June 2021 — Raleigh-Durham’s commercial real estate has gone through a seismic shift in terms of attraction value and innovation. In an interview with Invest:, Amy Carroll, president of TradeMark Properties, goes over the most significant changes in the region’s real estate landscape. Read more

Louis Lombardi

Spotlight On: Louis Lombardi, Senior Vice President & Regional Commercial Executive, Fulton Bank

2 min read June 2021 — As part of Fulton Financial Corporation, a $25 billion financial services holding company, Fulton Bank offers a broad array of financial products and services in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Senior Vice President and Regional Commercial Executive Louis Lombardi spoke with Invest: about the bank’s footprint in South Jersey and the trends that are shaping the industry. Read more

Reinaldo Borges

Spotlight On: Reinaldo Borges, Principal & CEO, Borges Architects

2 min read June 2021 — Reinaldo Borges, principal and CEO of Borges Architects says his firm has had a busy year across Miami. In an interview with Invest:, he discusses what makes the county such an attractive destination, and how this attraction has resulted in a plethora of new construction projects. He also discusses the importance that projects must place on sustainability. Read more

Michael Ging

Spotlight On: Michael Ging, Managing Director Florida, Alliance Residential Realty

2 min read June 2021 — Michael Ging spoke to Invest: about the challenges facing the construction industry. He commented on how the supply chain disruptions have affected development across the board but in South Florida there is an added limitation: the paucity of viable land.  Read more

Russell Reece

Spotlight On: Russell Reece, Managing Partner – Atlanta, Hancock Askew & Co. LLP

2 min read June 2021 — For Russell Reece, managing partner of Askew & Co. LLP in Atlanta, 40 is the magic number of employees in his consulting business to ensure exponential growth. His firm is already at that number in several Florida offices, and he is bullish about having a strong year ahead. Read more

Spotlight On: Pilar Oppedisano, Executive Director – Head of Minnesota Market, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

2 min read June 2021 — Pilar Oppedisano, executive director and Minnesota market manager at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, believes the Twin Cities is a strong market where the bank, its clients and the local community will thrive as the economy continues to recover. As head of the firm’s Minnesota private wealth arm, Pilar is focused on the firm’s ambitious vision to grow the Private Bank’s business. Read more


Spotlight On: Wil Evans, President, Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance

2 min read June 2021 — The Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance is committed to fostering workforce development as well as economic growth in Maury County. In an interview with Invest:, Wil Evans, president of the Maury County Chamber and Economic Alliance, discusses the county’s exceptional growth, initiatives to support that growth and his outlook. Read more

Lee Kreuger

Spotlight On: Lee Krueger, President, Saint Paul Port Authority

2 min read June 2021 —In an interview with Invest:, President of the Saint Paul Port Authority Lee Krueger talks about issues affecting the port authority, the savviness of the Midwestern farmer in increasing river traffic, the need for infrastructure improvements, and the Port Authority’s thriving real estate business, which cleans up and flips damaged sites of former industry. Read more

Michael Mann

Spotlight On: Michael Mann, Managing Partner, Troutman Pepper

2 min read June 2021 — Troutman Sanders, founded in 1897, employed approximately 650 attorneys before merging with the Philadelphia-based Pepper Hamilton. Troutman Sanders and Pepper Hamilton merged to officially become Troutman Pepper in July 2020. The firm now has more than 1,200 attorneys across 23 offices. Princeton, NJ Office Managing Partner Michael Mann told Invest: that Troutman Pepper is “not just another large law firm” as he discussed the characteristics that make the firm stand out. Read more

Jeff Drummonds

Spotlight On: Jeff Drummonds, Managing Partner & CEO, LBMC

2 min read June 2021 — LBMC is the largest professional services solutions provider in Tennessee. In an interview with Invest:, Jeff Drummonds, managing partner and CEO, discusses the firm’s current health, the advantages of being located in the Nashville region, the stretched talent market and the opportunity going forward to make significant improvements within organizations based on the lessons learned during the pandemic. Read more

Spotlight On: Steve Hepler, Raleigh Office Leader, LS3P

2 min read June 2021 — Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill boast education heavyweights and a competitive edge in high-tech, pharma and biotech, says Steve Hepler, Raleigh office leader at architecture and design firm LS3P. These characteristics are among the reasons people and companies are arriving in the area, he said in an interview with Invest:.Read more

Spotlight On: Andrew Duffell, President, Research Park at Florida Atlantic University®

2 min read June 2021 — Known globally as the gateway to both Latin America and Europe, South Florida is working to further develop a technology hub for business growth. Andrew Duffell, president of the Research Park at FAU, shares why companies looking to grow should be looking toward Palm Beach. Read more

Spotlight On: Larry Sieg, President & CEO, Meet AC

2 min read June 2021 — Meet AC, Atlantic City’s Convention Visitors Bureau, is a non-profit organization whose mission is convention development, helping to generate economic activity through the bookings of meetings,  conventions, sporting events, film production and group tourism in Atlantic City. In an interview with Larry Sieg, president & CEO of Meet AC, he discussed the current demand for events at the Atlantic City Convention Center as well as… Read more

Spotlight On: Julia Dattolo, President & CEO, CareerSource Palm Beach County

2 min read June 2021CareerSource Palm Beach County specializes in finding talent for businesses in the county and building relationships that match job seekers with the perfect fit in the industry. President and CEO Julia Dattolo spoke with Invest: about the company’s growth despite the pandemic. Read more

Spotlight On: Jon Rufty, Owner & President, Rufty Homes

2 min read June 2021 — Jon Rufty, the owner and president of Rufty Homes, is ready to take advantage of the increasing demand for high-end custom homes in the Triangle region but there is one big challenge: the limited talent and materials available to build those special homes. Read more

Charlie Muracco

Spotlight On: Charlie Muracco, CEO & Principal Consultant, CLM Advisors

2 min read June 2021 — CLM Advisors is a fiscal management firm that builds business strategies to help their clients meet long-term goals. In an interview with Invest:, CEO and Principal Consultant Charlie Muracco discusses the firm’s differentiators in the region. “We help business owners think with the end result in mind and we build a financial roadmap to get there,” he said. Read more

Madeline Pumariega

Spotlight On: Madeline Pumariega, President, Miami Dade College

2 min read June 2021 — Miami Dade College President Madeline Pumariega talks to Invest: about the college’s actions to address the pandemic-related challenges and changes over the last year. She also speaks to the new direction the college is taking: a hybrid model of teaching, industry partnerships, and a focus on tech, AI, and healthcare. Read more

Spotlight On: Bradley Jackson, President & CEO, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry/Tennessee Manufacturers Association

2 min read June 2021 —The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry serves as the primary voice of diverse business and manufacturing trade interests on major employment and economic issues facing public-policy decision-makers in Tennessee. In an interview with Invest:, Bradley Jackson… Read more

Robbyn Wacker

Spotlight On: Robbyn Wacker, President, St. Cloud State University

2 min read June 2021 — President of St. Cloud State University Robbyn Wacker talks to Invest: about the university’s place in the world of higher education and how it is seeking to overcome the odds of what is a precarious time for regional comprehensive universities such St. Cloud. She is looking to incubate, work with local businesses and refine an individualized approach to education. Read more

Spotlight On: Joe Jingoli, CEO, JINGOLI

2 min read June 2021 — Joe Jingoli, CEO of JINGOLI, a general contractor, construction manager and developer, is looking forward to a bright future for the construction sector in South Jersey. From the recovery of the Atlantic City entertainment and gaming industry to the new winds blowing in the energy sector, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of, he told Invest:. Read more

Connor Lynch

Spotlight On: Connor Lynch, CEO, Plastridge Insurance Agency

2 min read June 2021 — Plastridge Insurance Agency is a family-owned business that serves the South Florida community with insurance services, providing customized solutions to specialized needs. CEO Connor Lynch spoke with Invest:, discussing the landscape for the industry and the ongoing trends in providing coverage. Read more

Jerome Hollo

Spotlight On: Jerome Hollo, Executive Vice President, Florida East Coast Realty

2 min read June 2021 — Jerome Hollo, executive vice president of Florida East Coast Realty, talks to Invest: about his group’s latest project, Panorama Tower. He also discussed the hot Miami real estate sector and his optimism for the market in general, despite certain inflationary pricing in the supply chain. Read more

Jacques Gilbert

Spotlight On: Jacques Gilbert, Mayor, Town of Apex

2 min read June 2021 — The town of Apex knows it has that “wow factor” as more people and businesses continue to move there. Jacques Gilbert, the mayor of Apex, is spearheading the effort to make the town even more attractive for small and large businesses with economic development initiatives that encourage entrepreneurship, as well as finding industries and economic sectors that best fit the town. Read more

John Nelson

Spotlight On: John “Ozzie” Nelson Jr., Chairman & CEO, Nelson Worldwide

2 min read June 2021 — Nelson Worldwide is an architecture firm with expertise in design and architectural work which they use to enhance the experience of the users for the spaces they create. Chairman and CEO John “Ozzie” Nelson Jr. spoke with Invest: about the latest trends shaping new construction projects and the company’s strategies to work around current challenges. Read more

Tony Giarratana

Spotlight On: Tony Giarratana, President, GIARRATANA

2 min read June 2021 — Giarratana has played a significant role in the building of Nashville’s urban living ecosystem. In an interview with Invest:, Tony Giarratana, president of Giarratana, discusses the tremendous growth and health of Nashville, as well as the exceptional demand for urban housing with tens of thousands of new high-paying jobs being created in the downtown area. Read more

Paulette Dillard, Shaw University

Spotlight On: Paulette Dillard, Dean, Shaw University

2 min read June 2021 — Though not foreign to online instruction, Shaw University was keen to make sure its students were not left behind in the midst of the pandemic disruption. “Online education is here to stay but there will be challenges,” Dean Paulette Dillard told Invest:. The university is actively working to expand broadband access for the betterment of the local community as well as the student experience. Read more

Ava L. Parker

Spotlight On: Ava L. Parker, President, Palm Beach State College

2 min read June 2021 — The virtual level playing field has unveiled a new layer of challenges and opportunities for higher education institutions. Ava Parker, president of Palm Beach State College, provides the post-COVID lay of the land for higher education in Palm Beach. Read more

Vincent D'Alessandro

Spotlight On: Vincent D’Alessandro, First Senior Vice President & Regional President, OceanFirst Bank

2 min read June 2021 — With roots that date back to more than a century of serving its local communities, OceanFirst Bank continues to enjoy organic growth underpinned by its ability to be nimble but large enough to service the complexity of its clients’ needs. The South Jersey provides great tailwinds for the bank’s growth in the New Jersey market. Read more

Ted Blum

Spotlight On: Theodore Blum, Managing Shareholder, Atlanta; Chair, Atlanta Corporate and Securities, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

2 min read June 2021 — Theodore Blum, managing shareholder of Greenberg Traurig’s Atlanta office, is bullish about the future because his firm has built the appropriate foundation to take advantage of the coming opportunities, he told Invest: in a recent interview. Read more