Spotlight On: July 2022

Spotlight On: July 2022

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Every year Capital Analytics has the chance to interview 1000s of the nation’s top level executives and leaders. Our Spotlight On series is an exclusive opportunity for readers to receive these leaders’ thoughtful insights and perspectives that ultimately help to inform the editorial in our publications. The following are all of the Spotlight On‘s released in July 2022.

Dallas-Fort WorthLarry Miller, President & CEO, NDBT (North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.)

2 min read July 2022 — Invest: spoke with Larry Miller, president and CEO of NDBT (North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.), about the trends that have powered its growth over the past two years and how the unique characteristics of community banks are a differentiator. “Many of our strategies today have been influenced by what we learned during the pandemic,” Miller said… Read more

Palm Beach Renée Jadusingh, Executive Director, Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

2 min read July 2022 — Invest: sat down with Renee Jadusingh, executive director of the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency, and discussed the many businesses that have been built out by the CRA’s grant program, working around significant construction delays and their goal to build out the West Atlantic Ave neighborhood. Read more

South Jersey Thomas Cook, Executive Director & CEO, Delaware River & Bay Authority – DRBA

2 min read July 2022 — The Delaware River & Bay Authority (DRBA) oversees transportation connections on land, water and in the air that serve the traveling public. In an interview with Invest:, Executive Director and CEO Thomas Cook discussed developments in the market, the current standing of the DRBA, its role in creating economic development in the region and the advantages of doing business in South Jersey… Read more

Nashville Steve Bland, CEO, WeGo Public Transit

2 min read July 2022 — WeGo Public Transit has reemerged from the very difficult period of the pandemic. In an interview with Invest:, CEO Steve Bland said that not only are service levels back to 107% of pre-pandemic levels, but the agency also went through a complete rebranding exercise beginning in 2018. Read more

Raleigh-Durham Drew Hardin, Director of Operations, Monteith Construction

2 min read July 2022 — Drew Hardin, director of operations at Monteith Construction, talked with Invest: about the company’s focus in the past year. He also discussed the areas in which the company is seeing the most construction activity. Read more

Philadelphia Leslie Richards, CEO & General Manager, SEPTA

2 min read July 2022 — Leslie Richards, CEO and general manager of SEPTA, discussed the organization’s recent achievements as well as its impact on the environment and overall economy of Philadelphia. Richards explained how a budget increase is allowing SEPTA to begin new projects that once were not possible. “We just introduced our largest capital budget ever, to the tune of $1.1 billion,” said Richards. Read more

Dallas Beth Bowman, President & CEO, Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce & Irving Economic Development Partnership

2 min read July 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Beth Bowman, president and CEO of the Greater Irving-Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and the Irving Economic Development Partnership, talked about how the Chamber and Partnership has worked with its member-investors to adapt to the new normal in the wake of the pandemic. Bowman shared what makes the region unique and attractive to new businesses and some of the services the Partnership provides. Read more

Nashville Alan D. Valentine, President & CEO, The Nashville Symphony

2 min read July 2022 — The Nashville Symphony “inspires, entertains, educates and serves through musical performance, innovation, collaboration and inclusion.” In an interview with Invest:, President and CEO Alan Valentine spoke about the massive challenges in recent years including a flood in Nashville that caused $40 million dollars in damages to their building, which was then exacerbated by numerous logistical issues caused by the COVID pandemic. He stated, “We are blessed with a world class orchestra, but the challenge that we face is with re-building our audience.” Read more

Philadelphia Fraser Niven, CEO, Freeman’s Auctions

4 min read July 2022 — Art is slowly but surely becoming an attractive investment alternative, according to Fraser Niven, CEO of Freeman’s Auctions. In an interview with Invest:, Niven shared his insights on the art industry’s latest trends, particularly in the Philadelphia region. “People understand that although it is not providing an income, there is potential for capital growth, if investment is made with the right advice,” he said about investing in art. Read more

South Jersey Rich St.Maur, Managing Partner, Coordinated Project Solutions

2 min read July 2022 — According to Rich St.Maur, managing partner at Coordinated Project Solutions, the real estate market is fluid and unpredictable. “There’s no quick short answer. Every situation is different. You really must invest your time and effort and know what you’re looking for,” he told Invest: in an interview. Read more

Palm Beach Dionna Hall, CEO, Broward, Palm Beaches & St. Lucie Realtors® and BeachesMLS

2 min read July 2022 — Broward, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Realtors is a 41,000-member association of realtors committed to making the counties in which it operates the best places to live in South Florida. Invest: spoke with Dionna Hall, CEO of the association, about the area’s housing trends and the initiative her organization is taking in advocating for both the area’s long-time residents as well as newcomers. Read more

Dallas-Fort Worth Neil Matkin, District President, Collin College

2 min read July 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Neil Matkin, district president of Collin College, talked about operating the college through the pandemic in order to continue growing. Matkin also shared how Collin College is able to remain the most affordable community college in the state of Texas and what can be done to increase affordability across the nation. Read more

Palm Beach Julie Pilitsis, Dean, Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at FAU

2 min read July 2022 —Invest: spoke with Julie Pilitsis, dean and vice president of medical affairs of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, about issues concerning the nursing and doctor workforce shortage, their focus on neuroscience and brain health and their efforts to increase debt-free medical graduates with their “Doctors Without Debt” program. Read more

South Jersey Charles Muracco, CEO, CPA & Principal Consultant, CLM Advisors

2 min read July 2022 — Charles Muracco, CEO and principal consultant of CLM Advisors, believes a recession is on the horizon. However, he told Invest: that the United States and the South Jersey region are in a great position to realize a strong rebound. Muracco also discussed the challenges the South Jersey business community will face and recent developments in the region that will enable it to thrive going forward. Read more

Nashville Janet Smith, President, Columbia State Community College

2 min read July 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Janet Smith, president of Columbia State Community College, talked about some of the partnerships the college has sealed to continue preparing its students for the workforce that is currently in need of employees as well as for the workforce of the future. Smith also talked about the importance of dual enrollment and what it can provide students at both the college and high-school levels. Read more

Raleigh-Durham Gordon Grubb, Founder, Grubb Ventures

2 min read July 2022 — Grubb Ventures creates and redevelops high-quality communities in infill locations within the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. In an interview with Invest:, Founder Gordon Grubb discussed milestones and achievements, the company’s growth and emerging trends in the sector. Read more

Philadelphia Dennis Mathew, Senior Vice President, Freedom Region, Comcast

3 min read July 2022 — In an interview with Invest; Senior Vice President of Comcast’s Freedom Region, which serves Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware, Dennis Mathew talked about what Comcast has been doing to drive connectivity in the Philadelphia region, discussing investments Comcast is making and plans for the future. Mathew also talked about the importance of digital literacy and what his outlook is for the future of the industry, as well as what makes the area itself attractive to talent and business, especially for the tech industry. Read more

Dallas-Fort Worth Dale Petroskey, President and CEO, Dallas Regional Chamber

2 min read June 2022 — In a conversation with Invest:, Dallas Regional Chamber President and CEO Dale Petroskey discussed the Dallas Region and its continued growth. “We are in the center of the bull’s-eye in this country for economic growth,” Petroskey said. Read more

Philadelphia  John Gattuso, President & CEO, Gattuso Development Partners

2 min read July 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, President and CEO of workplace developer Gattuso Development Partners John Gattuso talked about some of the projects the firm has in the pipeline, along with the trends he is seeing in the Philadelphia market when it comes to industries and the future of the office space. Read more

Raleigh-Durham Street Lee, President & CEO, McKim & Creed, Inc.

2 min read July 2022 — McKim & Creed is an employee-owned engineering and surveying firm of people helping people. In an interview with Invest:, President and CEO Street Lee discussed infrastructural needs, partnerships, regional growth, legislative changes, innovations and the outlook for the near future. Read more

Nashville Clifton Harris, President and CEO, Urban League of Middle Tennessee

2 min read July 2022 — Invest: was joined by Clifton Harris, president and CEO of the Urban League of Middle Tennessee, to discuss how equitable and accessible business opportunities for communities of color must be a cornerstone for the economic development of the region. “You can’t have diversity and inclusion without looking at it through an equitable lens. That requires a long-term commitment,” he said. Read more

Palm Beach Stephanie Immelman, CEO, Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

2 min read July 2022— Downtown Delray Beach has seen a notable amount of success in the last two years as many people found the city the perfect place to live and work. Now, Stephanie Immelman, CEO of the Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce, is focused on making sure that success touches all parts of the community. “It’s so important that all sectors of our town can succeed,” she told Invest:. Read more

South Jersey   Joris Veldhoven, Commercial Director, Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

5 min read July 2022 — Atlantic Shores is helping to meet growing renewable energy targets and expand the green economy. In an interview with Invest:, Commercial Director Joris Veldhoven discussed milestones and achievements over the past year, prevalent challenges, the current state of the workforce, what makes South Jersey a great place for the expansion of the wind industry, shifts in the market and the future of renewable energy. Read more