Spotlight On: July 2021

Spotlight On: July 2021

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Every year Capital Analytics has the chance to interview 1000s of the nation’s top level executives and leaders. Our Spotlight On series is an exclusive opportunity for readers to receive these leaders’ thoughtful insights and perspectives that ultimately help to inform the editorial in our publications. The following are all of the Spotlight On‘s released in July 2021.

Stewart Appelrouth

Miami Stewart Appelrouth, Co-Founder, Appelrouth Farah & Co

2 min read July 2021 — Stewart Appelrouth, co-founder of Appelrouth Farah & Co., talked to Invest: about what really drives or sinks the economy: fear, especially fear of the unknown. When the pandemic hit, consumer confidence fell precipitously.  Dealing with the pandemic was not just a public health issue, he said. It was about the psyche of our society and the economy. Appelrouth also spoke about important issues in accounting and business that… Read more

Charlie Zelle

Minneapolis  Charlie Zelle, Chair, Metropolitan Council

2 min read July 2021 — The Metropolitan Council is the regional policy-making body, planning agency, and provider of essential services for the Twin Cities metropolitan region. Its mission is to foster efficient economic growth for a prosperous region. Chair of the Council Charlie Zelle spoke with Invest: about the current lay of the land, addressing the budget impact of the pandemic and infrastructure improvements. Read more

Cyrus Vatandoost

Nashville  Cyrus Vatandoost, Executive Vice President, Nossi College of Art

2 min read July 2021 — In an interview with Invest:, Executive Vice President of Nossi College of Art Cyrus Vatandoost discussed the creative worker’s place in the economy, and in Nashville especially. As Nashville continues to grow, so grows the need for more creatives, he said. Vatandoost also touched upon a new culinary program that has already gained popularity before it has even started… Read more

Johnson Akinleye

Raleigh-Durham  Johnson O. Akinleye, Ph.D., Chancellor, North Carolina Central University

2 min read July 2021 — After the pandemic, today’s K-12 generation may now find it harder to enter the world of higher education. Chancellor Johnson O. Akinleye, Ph.D. spoke with Invest: about what NCCU has done to engage young people. He also notes the cross-pollination that has happened between education and industry over the past year, which makes him optimistic for the future.  Read more

David Frame

Atlanta  David Frame, Managing Principal, Landeavor

2 min read July 2021 — Landeavor, LLC, is a full-service real estate development company specializing in master-planned residential communities. Managing Principal and Co-Owner David Frame spoke with Invest: about the pandemic’s impact on housing and dealing with the pricing challenges that are rampant across the industry. Read more

Jonathan Weinhagen

Minneapolis  Jonathan Weinhagen , President & CEO, Minneapolis Regional Chamber

2 min read July 2021 — The soundness of the foundation on which a region’s economy and community is built on is based upon a number of factors including leadership, collaboration, demand and the ability to recognize and address both strengths and weaknesses. Jonathan Weinhagen, the President and CEO of the Minneapolis Regional Chamber spoke to Invest: about all of these factors and what the future may ultimately look like for the region. Read more

Stu Clark

Nashville  Stu Clark, CEO, Premise Health

2 min read July 2021 — Nashville is the epicenter of the US healthcare industry, said Stu Clark, CEO of Premise Health, in an interview with Invest:, adding that in addition to being the bedrock of the health services industry, Nashville has become a national hub for healthcare IT, data, and security companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large established firms. Management talent, access to capital and a strong networking community is very attractive to firms looking to relocate or to launch, he said. Read more

Gerard Velazquez

South Jersey  Gerard Velazquez, President & CEO, Cumberland County Improvement Authority

2 min read July 2021 — The Cumberland County Improvement Authority (The Authority) serves as Cumberland County’s multipurpose financing, development and project management agency. Its primary purpose is to plan, finance and construct public improvements such as schools, municipal buildings, transportation facilities, housing developments, infrastructure redevelopment… Read more

John Hackett

Palm Beach  John Hackett, Senior Managing Director, Corcoran Group

2 min read July 2021 — Few real estate markets have performed as well as Palm Beach throughout the pandemic. As post-pandemic signs appear on the horizon, John Hackett, senior managing director of the Corcoran Group, shares his insights into what awaits the region’s real estate market going forward. Read more

Russell Galbut

Miami  Russell Galbut, Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Crescent Heights

2 min read July 2021 — Discussing the changes in housing development wrought by the pandemic, real estate developer Russell Galbut notes the need for a focus on affordable housing. The co-founder and managing principal of Crescent Heights, also told Invest: that developing the human capital that Miami needs to fulfill its potential is a vital goal. Read more

Donald Gintzig

Raleigh-Durham  Donald Gintzig, President & CEO, WakeMed Health & Hospitals

2 min read July 2021 — In an interview with Invest:, Donald Gintzig, president and CEO of WakeMed Health & Hospitals, discusses WakeMed’s central role in the community. The health system has been able to meet the challenges of the pandemic while relying on its esprit de corps to maintain staff morale. WakeMed continues to push proactive initiatives that will keep patients well rather than help them when they’re already sick. Read more

Minneapolis  Tracy Baglio, President, Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS®

2 min read July 2021 — The Saint Paul Area Association of REALTORS® (SPAAR) promotes homeownership and protects private property rights for all through active engagement and professional development of its members. President Tracy Baglio spoke with Invest: about some of the major projects happening in their jurisdiction as well as her outlook over the next 18 months. Read more

Tim Adams

Nashville  Tim Adams, President & CEO/SVP & Ministry Market Executive, Ascension Saint Thomas & Ascension Tennessee

2 min read July 2021 — The healthcare landscape has drastically changed with the eruption of COVID-19. Accelerated adoption of medical-related technologies, the outside-the-box search for cost-effective and quality care and a growing talent gap are but a few of the new developments that the Tennessee market is facing, according to Tim Adams, president and CEO of Ascension Saint Thomas. Read more

George Norcross

South Jersey  George Norcross, Executive Chairman, Conner Strong & Buckelew

2 min read July 2021Conner Strong & Buckelew is one of the country’s largest insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokerage and consulting firms. In an interview with Invest:, Executive Chairman George Norcross shares his insights on what awaits Camden and the South Jersey region going forward. Read more

Daniel R. Sheehan

Palm Beach  Daniel Sheehan, Chairman & CEO, Professional Bank

2 min read July 2021Professional Bank tends to the financial needs of its clients through personal service and customized products offering a broad array of commercial credit offerings designed for business, in addition to construction lending, residential and commercial real estate. Chairman and CEO Daniel Sheehan spoke with Invest: and discussed the bank’s IPO in 2020, as well as outlining the state of the banking sector in the region. Read more

Robb Pitts

Atlanta  Robb Pitts, Chairman, Fulton County Board of Commissioners

2 min read July 2021Robb Pitts, Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, talked to Invest: about the extraordinary measures the government took to guide the community through the COVID pandemic. He also touches on the efforts made to help small businesses, renters and homeowners through the crisis. “Fulton County has always been a leader and we led the pack in fighting the virus with innovative solutions,” he said. Read more

David Schwartz

Miami  David Schwartz, President & CEO, Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA)

2 min read July 2021Miami’s strong bet on becoming a tech hub and magnet for financial institutions not only in the United States but across Latin America make it a prime destination for banking players. David Schwartz, president and CEO of the Florida International Bankers Association (FIBA), shares his take on the vibrant future for Miami’s financial sector. Read more

Michael Woocher

Atlanta  Michael Woocher, Managing Director—Atlanta, Bernstein Private Wealth Management

2 min read July 2021Michael Woocher, managing director of Bernstein Private Wealth Management in Atlanta, shares that the pivot to remote work hasn’t impeded the firm’s high-touch approach and regular engagement with clients – in some cases this experience has made relationships with clients even stronger. Read more

Mike Jones

Minneapolis  Mike Jones, Chair for Minnesota and Colorado, Huntington National Bank 

2 min read July 2021Mike Jones, Huntington National Bank’s chair for Minnesota and Colorado, spoke to Invest: about the recent merger with TCF Bank, a move that will allow for more investment in technology. He also discusses some of the forces shaping the current environment for banks.  Read more

Timothy Devlin

Palm Beach  Timothy Devlin, Co-Managing Partner, Daszkal Bolton LLP

2 min read July 2021Timothy Devlin speaks to Invest: about the professional services landscape in South Florida through the pandemic. On the whole, it was a very productive year for Daszkal Bolton. With many companies moving to South Florida, there is a challenge in recruiting and retaining talent, he said. Read more

Jim Allen

Raleigh-Durham  Jim Allen, President & Broker, The Jim Allen Group

2 min read July 2021Raleigh-Duram’s insatiable real estate demand is close to depleting inventory, stretching out to real estate pockets that had yet to recover from the 2008 downturn but are now waking up. Jim Allen, president of the Jim Allen Group, shares his expertise on transitioning from a negotiator to a mediator in a predominantly seller’s market. Read more

John Quelch

Miami  John Quelch, Dean, University of Miami Herbert Business School

2 min read July 2021John Quelch, dean of the University of Miami’s Herbert Business School, spoke to Invest: about the measures they put in place to ensure continued growth despite the pandemic, the reasons for the School’s continued growth in the national and international rankings and plans to maintain this high level of success. Read more

Christie Strong

Nashville  Christie Strong, Executive Director, Dickson Medical Associates 

2 min read July 2021Dickson Medical Associates (DMA) is one of the largest multispecialty physician-owned medical groups in Tennessee. Executive Director Christie Strong spoke with Invest: and discussed Nashville’s reputation as the healthcare capital of the world, the need for greater healthcare access in rural communities and the issues with healthcare technology in the United States. Read more

Tammi Jones

Atlanta   Tammi Saddler Jones, City Manager, City of South Fulton

2 min read July 2021Going strong in its fifth year since incorporation, the city of South Fulton is hitting its stride as it works to become the go-to place to live, work and play in the state of Georgia. Tammi Saddler Jones, city manager, shares how the city is preparing for future growth.  Read more

Robert Rademacher

Palm Beach   Robert Rademacher, President, Kolter Homes

2 min read July 2021Kolter Homes President Robert Rademacher told Invest: that COVID helped create a “perfect storm” for Southeast Florida due to the significant influx of people moving from the Northeast. He also spoke to the current demographics for homebuyers in South Florida and how this is benefiting their operations. Read more

Jennifer Wollmann

Miami   Jennifer Wollmann, Chairwoman of the Board, Miami Association of Realtors

2 min read July 2021With over 100 years in the market, the Miami Association of Realtors is the largest local realtor association in the country. Chairwoman of the Board Jennifer Wollmann spoke with Invest: and discussed the current state of the sector in Miami-Dade, offering her insights into pricing and what to expect as… Read more

Kevin Leder

Raleigh-Durham   Kevin Leder, Managing Partner, CliftonLarsonAllen LLP

2 min read July 2021 — CliftonLarsonAllen LLP is a professional services network and the eighth-largest accountancy firm in the United States. Managing Partner Kevin Leder spoke with Invest: about the firm’s growth in the past year and dealing with succession planning. “Because we really know our clients, we are able to listen to them and advise them based on their circumstances,” Leder said. Read more

Eric Jolly

Minneapolis   Dr. Eric Jolly, President, Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

2 min read July 2021The Minnesota-St. Paul region is home to a philanthropic ecosystem of nonprofits, for-profits and government agencies that look creatively and effectively at solving the emerging issues of the community. Eric Jolly, president and CEO of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, spoke with Invest: and shared his insights on the future of this ecosystem. Read more