Spotlight On: Jerry Johnson, South Central Market Head, UBS Wealth Management USA

Spotlight On: Jerry Johnson, South Central Market Head, UBS Wealth Management USA

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Jerry Johnson UBS Wealth Management2 min read November 2021 — Jerry Johnson, South Central market head at UBS Wealth Management USA, had a conversation with Invest: regarding the invaluable growth potential of the Middle Tennessee region. He shared reasons why the area is a great market for UBS, how the demand for its services has shifted and how investors have increased their focus on several sustainability initiatives while looking toward the future.

What makes Middle Tennessee a great market for UBS?

The diversity of middle Tennessee is unbelievable, both from a business and a cultural perspective. The fact that Nashville is not reliant on a single industry makes the market “recession-resilient.” With a wide array of industries, from the healthcare market to music, middle Tennessee’s genetic makeup is unique and unlike any other market in the country. Since our move to Nashville in 2014, along with the relocation and local expansions of other financial firms, we have seen the financial services industry grow exponentially, which has added to the market’s overall diversity. Moreover, this is a very culturally diverse market, which is crucial to the future growth of all industries. It’s simply a great environment for businesses and job seekers. I have yet to find or meet anyone who doesn’t enjoy living in the city.

How do the current demands for your services compare to pre-pandemic levels?

Our business is robust. We’re experiencing record numbers in comparison to pre-pandemic levels, something which I’m quite surprised about. The demand for our services is the highest I can remember and I believe there are a multitude of reasons that investors and families are seeking advice. The pandemic has prompted investors and families to rethink a lot of things including their retirement plans, portfolios relative to taxes, and sustainable investing. There has been a lot of new wealth created during this period, and all these factors have contributed to record growth for our business in Tennessee.

We’ve become more comprehensive regarding the services that we supply to businesses and companies, particularly through our financial wellness offering. Through Workplace Wealth Solutions at UBS, we help companies create a rewarding workplace for their employees across a range of solutions, including enabling them to meet with a relationship manager to discuss budgeting and financial planning. Companies are recognizing that providing their employees with beneficial packages in health or financial wellness keeps them competitive and helps them to retain their talent. 

How are investors increasing their focus on sustainability initiatives and to what extent?

Early on, we took a leadership position in sustainability. The demand for ESG and sustainability initiatives among our clients is high and continues to increase. It’s one of the fastest-growing areas at UBS, which I believe has grown even more important after the events from the last year and a half. People are not only concerned with the rate of return, but they’re also concerned about how their investments positively impact people and the planet. We continue to make sustainability and ESG a key component of our offering.

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