Spotlight On: January 2022

Spotlight On: January 2022

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Every year Capital Analytics has the chance to interview 1000s of the nation’s top level executives and leaders. Our Spotlight On series is an exclusive opportunity for readers to receive these leaders’ thoughtful insights and perspectives that ultimately help to inform the editorial in our publications. The following are all of the Spotlight On‘s released in January 2022.

Crucial Care CEO

Jacksonville   Michael Shumer, CEO, Crucial Care

2 min read January 2022 — Michael Shumer, CEO of Crucial Care, spoke to Invest: about the trends and challenges affecting the healthcare market in Jacksonville. He talked about the measures that are keeping Crucial Care ahead of the curve, such as 24/7 access to care and ensuring the staff is well looked after. Read more

Onyx Equities

North Jersey  Jonathan Schultz, Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Onyx Equities

2 min read January 2022 — Jonathan Schultz, the co-founder and managing principal of Onyx Equities, LLC, is optimistic that the New Jersey real estate market will remain a vital economic and investment driver. “Real estate is a hard, tangible asset that should be in everyone’s diversified portfolio. We are seeing a tremendous inflow of people…  Read more

Tampa Preparatory School

Tampa Bay  Kevin Plummer, Headmaster, Tampa Preparatory School 

2 min read November 2022 — Despite the pandemic, Tampa Preparatory School saw its highest enrollment ever in fall 2021. “Our early start with mobile learning enabled us to quickly hunt for new relationships and maintain that sense of community. We wanted to make clear what it meant to be a student in this space, whether a sixth grader or senior,” Headmaster Kevin Plummer told Invest:. Read more

DH Realty Partners John Cannon

San Antonio  John Cannon, President, DH Realty Partners, Inc.

2 min read January 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, John Cannon, president of DH Realty Partners, talked about the benefits of being located in both San Antonio and Austin, as well as the steady growth occurring all over the state of Texas. He also spoke on how the company has maneuvered through the pandemic and how low interest rates are impacting the current market in a positive way. Read more

Orange County Eric Ushkowitz 1

Orlando  Eric Ushkowitz, Economic Development Administrator, Orange County

2 min read January 2022 — Orange County has emerged as a leading center of high-tech innovation and is amplifying marketing efforts to tell a more comprehensive story regarding what Orlando has to offer beyond tourism and hospitality. “We are a very collaborative region and community and that makes me very optimistic,” Eric Ushkowitz, the county’s economic development administrator, told Invest:. Read more

Pine Crest School Dana Markham

Fort Lauderdale  Dana Markham, President, Pine Crest School

2 min read January 2022 — Pine Crest School is bucking growth-focused trends to cultivate the quality of its education and unique experiences provided to students, and is seeing tremendous outcomes as a result. “For us it’s simple. It’s what is best for the kids. We’re a nonprofit, so we’re not about attracting more funds or growing the school. We’re about finding the best faculty and staff,” President Dana Markham told Invest:. Read more

Pfeiffer University Scott Bullard

Charlotte   Scott Bullard, President, Pfeiffer University

2 min read January 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Scott Bullard, president of Pfeiffer University, discussed how the labor shortage is changing the manner in which the university is interacting with neighboring industries and how they are preparing students for the future workforce. He also gave his thoughts on the idea of life-long learning experiences and what majors are currently experiencing the most interest among undergraduates. Read more

NAI Legacy

Minneapolis   Michael Houge, Managing Director, NAI Legacy

2 min read January 2022 — In a conversation with Invest:, Managing Director Michael Houge of NAI Legacy shared the key highlights of the company and the biggest opportunities and challenges they are facing. He also discussed the necessity of knowing the difference between “essential” and “non-essential” real estate and how they appeal to a variety of investors, especially due to the pandemic and related shut-downs.. Read more

FAIRWINDS Credit Union

Orlando  Jim Adamczyk, SEVP & Chief Revenue Officer, FAIRWINDS Credit Union

2 min read January 2022 —FAIRWINDS is an American member-owned credit union that is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and serves members nationwide. In an interview with Invest:, SEVP and Chief Revenue Officer Jim Adamczyk discussed takeaways, shifts in demand, PPP loans and loan forgiveness, the economic environment, talent recruitment and retention, financial literacy and the use of technology. Read more

Climate First Bank

Tampa Bay  Ken LaRoe, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Climate First Bank

2 min read November 2021 — Founder and CEO Ken LaRoe of Climate First Bank describes himself as a “rabid environmentalist and a rabid capitalist.” In an interview with Invest:, LaRoe discussed the importance of integrating sustainability and financial initiatives, the green trends where the bank wants to make an impact and his hopeful outlook for the green banking sector. Read more

Compass Logistics and Marine

Fort Lauderdale  Danny James, Owner & CEO, Compass Logistics & Marine

2 min read January 2022 — Compass Logistics & Marine set records for growth in 2021, crediting a “best-in-class” staff and innovative business model for overcoming the challenges of the pandemic. “This goes back to our boutique model, which has enabled us to customize and tailor to the customer,” CEO and owner Danny James told Invest:.  Read more

Bonnie Carlson

Minneapolis  Bonnie Carlson, President & CEO, Bloomington Convention & Visitors Bureau

2 min read January 2022 — In a conversation with Invest:, President and CEO Bonnie Carlson of the Bloomington Convention and Visitors Bureau detailed the varying opportunities in the tourism industry and the Twin Cities. She discussed the chief obstacles and opportunities of the region, the unique aspects of Bloomington, and shared some strategies implemented to jump start recovery. Read more

University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio  Taylor Eighmy, President, The University of Texas at San Antonio

2 min read January 2022 — The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is the largest university in the San Antonio metropolitan region with four campuses across the city. In an interview with Invest:, President Taylor Eighmy discussed the impact of the pandemic, ensuring equity in San Antonio and its educational institutions, key partnerships, strategic initiatives and his outlook for UTSA in San Antonio, the country’s seventh-largest city. Read more

McGuireWoods Jacksonville

Jacksonville  Sara Holladay, Office Managing Partner – Jacksonville, McGuireWoods 

2 min read January 2022 — The Jacksonville area legal market is seeing a shift in demand toward risk management. Technology is also taking on a greater role in the industry, from the back office to the courtroom. Sara Holladay, Jacksonville office managing partner at law firm McGuireWoods, spoke with Invest: about these topics and shared her expert insights on the future of the area’s legal landscape. Read more

Charlotte Regional Business Alliance president

Charlotte  Janet LaBar, President & CEO, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance

2 min read January 2022 — Charlotte has seen incredible growth during the last year of the pandemic. According to Janet LaBar, president and CEO of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance, her team has supported more than 2,700 jobs and investments totaling about $2.9 billion from a variety of projects. “As of November 2021, our team had generated over twice as many projects for 2021, with 82 new projects in our pipeline. We are on track to return to pre-pandemic 2019 levels, when we finished that year with 86 projects,” LaBar told Invest:. Read more

Berkeley College Diane Recinos

North Jersey  Diane Recinos, Interim President, Berkeley College

2 min read January 2022 — Online learning is here to stay and students like the flexibility that it provides. However, according to Diane Recinos, interim president of Berkeley College, the future of education will be determined by the students themselves as they are going to dictate the demand, and education institutions need to listen, she told Invest:. Read more

Womble Bond Dickinson

Charlotte  Clark Goodman, Charlotte Office Managing Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP 

2 min read January 2022 — Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP is a transatlantic law firm serving corporate, individual, and nonprofit clients across every business sector. In an interview with Invest:, Charlotte Office Managing Partner Clark Goodman discussed key successes, shifts caused by the pandemic, concerns, priorities and his outlook for the next few years. Read more

Central Minnesota Credit Union CEO

Minneapolis  Charles Friederichs, CEO, Central Minnesota Credit Union

2 min read January 2022 — Central Minnesota Credit Union is unique in its emphasis on commercial transactions and has emerged as a leader in supporting businesses through the turbulence of the pandemic. “We have been good about pivoting quickly and taking advantage of opportunities in the market,” CEO of the credit union Charles Friederichs told Invest:. Read more

Vantage Bank

San Antonio  Jeff Sinnott & Paul Thornton, President & CEO/Regional President – Central Market, Vantage Bank

2 min read January 2022 — In a conversation with Invest:, Vantage Bank’s CEO Jeff Sinnott and Regional President Paul Thornton discussed the growth and changes the market is experiencing. They also talked about how the disruption is actually benefiting some of their goals, including growing their number of locations and employees organically. Read more

Alpha Business Solutions

North Jersey  Gene Waddy, CEO, Alpha Business Solutions

2 min read January 2022 — Gene Waddy is an entrepreneur and the CEO of ALPHA Business Solutions, a minority business enterprise (MBE) that provides payrolling and employer of record for companies across the United States. Gene met with Invest: to discuss the intersectionality of race and economic growth. He also explained how having gainful employment provides people with a sense of pride and ownership in their community. Read more

NDM Hospitality Nick Falcone

Orlando   Nick Falcone, Managing Principal, NDM Hospitality & Rentyl Resorts

2 min read January 2022 — NDM Hospitality & Rentyl Resorts has been capitalizing on a new trend in real estate, built-to-rent short term resort rentals. Managing Principal Nick Falcone spoke with Invest: about his strategy to diversify and strategize partnerships to focus on technology and services that bring consumers and partners together in a circle that raises the asset performance for partners, increases value of the brand and the loyalty of the customer. Read more

John Knox Village

Fort Lauderdale  Gerald Stryker, President & CEO, John Knox Village

2 min read January 2022 — “Social isolation can be just as detrimental to your health as smoking, obesity and physical inactivity, resulting in premature death,” said President and CEO Gerald Stryker of John Knox Village (JKV) in a conversation with Invest:. According to the CEO, who takes weekly 6 a.m. walks where he listens and shares his vision with residents, John Knox Village “is an innovative, vibrant and essential community that’s constantly transforming.” The secret to its adaptability? Intentional leadership and partnerships like the Green House Project, which push the organization to better understand its residents, reassess strategies and navigate crises. Read more

Carlow University

Pittsburgh  Kathy Humphrey, President, Carlow University

2 min read January 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Kathy Humphrey, president of Carlow University, talked about the ways in which the university is innovating in response to the pandemic and the rise in popularity of online learning and hybrid models. She also discussed the changes in societal opinions on higher education in general and what she foresees as the future of the university and education in Pittsburgh. Read more

U.S. Bank Dee O'Dell

Charlotte  Dee O’Dell, Executive Vice President Consumer & Business Banking, U.S. Bank

2 min read January 2022 — In a conversation with Invest:, Dee O’Dell, executive vice president for consumer and business banking at U.S. Bank, discussed the dedication and tenacity of the bank and the financial industry throughout the pandemic. He shared how the bank has grown, the different strategies used to recruit and retain talent and elaborated on how the financial industry will be impacted by the utilization of technology. Read more

Texas Biomedical Research Institute

San Antonio  Larry Schlesinger, President & CEO, Texas Biomedical Research Institute

2 min read January 2022 — In an interview with Invest:, Larry Schlesinger, president and CEO of Texas Biomedical Research Institute, talked about continuing the institute’s mission throughout the pandemic and being a key factor in the development of vaccines. Schlesinger also spoke on how the company remains innovative and how it is uniquely positioned to attract talent and continue to grow. Read more

Fort Lauderdale City Manager

Fort Lauderdale  Christopher Lagerbloom, City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale

2 min read January 2022 — In the last few years, Fort Lauderdale has become a vibrant city, and City Manager Christopher Lagerbloom thinks the future is even brighter. In an interview with Invest:, Lagerbloom discussed the city’s five-year and 30-year plans while also touching on the successes of the past year, what activity currently looks like, and the challenges going forward. Read more

Avalon Park Group

Orlando  Beat Kahli, Founder, President & CEO, Avalon Park Group

2 min read January 2022 — Avalon Park Group integrates global reach with an entrepreneurial spirit to provide innovative investment opportunities in the region while attracting diverse talent. “The pandemic also accelerated people’s belief that you can have a nice lifestyle in Florida compared to other regions of the country. It’s a young, dynamic state with changing industries and it’s growing rapidly,” Beat Kahli, president and CEO, told Invest:. Read more

The Bolles School

Jacksonville  Tyler Hodges, President & Head of School, The Bolles School

2 min read January 2022 — FrThe Bolles School is an independent college preparatory school located in Jacksonville. The school enrolls more than 1,700 boarding and day students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12. In an Interview with Invest:, President and Head of the School Tyler Hodges discussed the state of the education sector in Jacksonville, what makes… Read more

Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber

Tampa Bay  Justice Gennari, President & CEO, Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber

2 min read January 2022 — Equity and inclusion are the top goals of the Tampa Bay LGBT Chamber. Justice Gennari, the Chamber’s president and CEO, told Invest: that the reasons behind supporting a more diverse economy come down to the bottom line because research shows more diverse companies are more profitable. Read more

Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce

Minneapolis  Pat MulQueeny, President, Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce

2 min read January 2022 — Eden Prairie has all the ingredients to be a great place to do business. In an interview with Invest:, President Pat MulQueeny of the Eden Prairie Chamber of Commerce said that despite the high tax environment in Minnesota, if “you take a look at the success of this community and compare taxes versus opportunity, there are many reasons why opportunity still wins out in Eden Prairie.” Read more

T&M Associates

North Jersey  Gary Dahms, President & CEO, T&M Associates

2 min read January 2022 — T&M Associates has seen massive gains in the past year and Gary Dahms, president and CEO, credits a diversified practice model, strong company culture and engaging communities for its success. “Engineers design projects that improve the quality of life of the communities they are in and we wanted to take action with that focus in mind,” Dahms told Invest:. Read more

Kreischer Miller

Philadelphia  Chris Meshginpoosh, Managing Director, Kreischer Miller

2 min read January 2022 — Kreischer Miller is an accounting, tax, and business advisory firm that serves the Greater Philadelphia area. In an interview with Invest:, Managing Director Chris Meshginpoosh discussed the evolution of human capital and technology. Read more

Lynd Living

San Antonio  David Lynd, President & CEO, Lynd Living

2 min read January 2022 — The San Antonio area, like the rest of the country, is challenged to solve the affordable housing equation, says A. David Lynd, CEO of investment and property management company Lynd Living. “If it was not evident before, and people did not really take it seriously, there were people shouting from the rooftops that the United States has a housing affordability crisis. We do not have places where people can live that are affordable for their budgets,” he told Invest:, while also addressing his outlook for the future of San Antonio’s real estate market. Read more