Spotlight On:
Harvey Kesselman, President, Stockton University

Spotlight On:
Harvey Kesselman, President, Stockton University

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By: Max Crampton-Thomas

2 min read April 2020 —  As COVID-19 jolted all sectors of the economy, education institutions had to find a way to continue delivering education to their students. Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman described to Invest: the school’s online mobilization and what inspirations the institution is taking from this unprecedented crisis.

How has the transition to all online classes and education been for your university, both on the student side as well as faculty? 

It certainly was a challenge to move every course online in a matter of days, and to do it with most of the faculty and staff working remotely themselves. But everyone rose to the challenge. Our IT department, in particular, did outstanding work to make sure all of our technology needs were met, and assisting faculty, staff and students with any questions or problems they had. Faculty were creative in adapting their classes to ensure students still got a complete educational experience. 

Do you feel higher education is receiving enough state and federal support in this time of need? 

Right now, the government has to focus on the pandemic, as it should. Moving forward, we recognize that budgets will be tight, but we hope that there will be some recognition of the crucial work colleges and universities did to ensure students could continue their educations, and will continue to do so in the future. Many families have not been working, and financial aid at both the state and national level will be increasingly important.

As higher education adjusts to the current situation, what opportunities and innovation do you see carrying over post-COVID-19? 

The current situation has inspired faculty and staff to learn new technologies and be creative in how they use them. They are exploring new ways to connect beyond the classroom. They are hosting virtual book readings, lectures and movie discussions. They are using teaching methods and tools that could still enhance their lessons, even after students return to campus. 

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