Spotlight On:
Daniel Zagata, Managing Partner, Evershore Financial Group

Spotlight On:
Daniel Zagata, Managing Partner, Evershore Financial Group

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By: Yolanda Rivas

2 min read March 2020 — Orlando’s diversifying economy has been attracting a high amount of investment to the region. The population of high-income earners and the number of high-income jobs continue to grow, according to Daniel Zagata, managing partner at Evershore Financial Group. Zagata shared the latest market trends and changes in an interview with the Invest: team. 

How did 2019 develop for Evershore Financial?

We have multiple locations in Florida: Orlando, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and The Villages. In Orlando, we purchased our first office building in 2019 and are looking at real estate acquisitions over the next couple of years as our firm expands. Overall, as a financial services company, we have been working to help people with their concerns over the market’s 12-year bull run, which has been the longest we have ever seen. Market volatility has pushed the consumer to engage us for financial advice and financial services due to the uncertainty that is emerging. Younger clients and people just getting started in the financial game are moving toward the automated system of robo-advisers, demonstrating a more of a do-it-yourself preference. The more affluent client has been engaging financial planners because they require more dynamic, complex, and customized solutions. On top of that, wealth management has changed drastically. It is not just about ROIs anymore. There are more family dynamics, multiple marriages, divorces, legacy issues and tax issues, just to name a few.

What shifts are taking place in the financial services sector?

There is an increasing demand for customized advisory services and guidance. We have been dealing with a greater number of business owners looking to not only sell their business but also looking for succession plans. The logistics behind planning have become extremely important. Most recently, the term “fiduciary,” and being able to engage a financial planner and adviser as a fiduciary, has become paramount and top of mind with most clients. That type of advice and engagement with clients is growing in demand while several financial advisers are either not properly licensed or do not have the capacity to work as a fiduciary. It has always been a priority for our firm to engage clients on their terms at the level they need. 

What trends are emerging in retirement and succession planning?

Many business owners do not have a written, executable succession plan, and have not identified the person who will take over. The problem becomes who to transfer the business to, how to bring that person in, whether or not they have a vested interest, if they have the required resources to purchase the business and if the resources are delivered as a lump sum or serial payment. It is often said that the top concern of a business owner relating to a succession plan is the impact on employees, along with preserving the business’ reputation. We have seen several business owners resort to repossessing their business when the transition was poorly executed or did not have the intended consequences.  

What is your outlook for 2020 and what are your areas of focus?

Election years tend not to be volatile because there is pressure to keep the economy stable. However, there are always events that are unpredictable, such as the Coronavirus, that can cause immediate volatility. From the firm’s standpoint, we continue to expand. We are looking to bring in highly qualified advisers to add value to what we do. As big proponents of education, clients today want to receive advice and information that are valuable to their investment strategies. I teach retirement classes at the Rollins College STARS program and Celebration Foundation for Lifelong Learning, to name a few. Our reputation, high-quality content and transparency has many schools and universities using Evershore Financial to deliver education. We understand people, and how behavior impacts investing and life. We will continue to grow and expand our firm as we help our clients navigate life’s transitions. 

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