Spotlight On: August 2021

Spotlight On: August 2021

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Every year Capital Analytics has the chance to interview 1000s of the nation’s top level executives and leaders. Our Spotlight On series is an exclusive opportunity for readers to receive these leaders’ thoughtful insights and perspectives that ultimately help to inform the editorial in our publications. The following are all of the Spotlight On‘s released in August 2021.

Paul Beard

Minneapolis Paul Beard, Co-Founder & Partner, SkyWater Search Partners

2 min read August 2021 — SkyWater Search Partners Co-Founder and Partner Paul Beard spoke to Invest: about labor demand in the changing landscape and the long-term changes to hiring that could result. “For companies that are unwilling to show flexibility around a hybrid working model, they may be at risk of losing some of their employees due to them wanting to continue working from home,” he said. Read more

Seamus Lagan

Palm Beach Spotlight On: Seamus Lagan, CEO, Rennova Health

2 min read August 2021 — Seamus Lagan, CEO of Rennova Health, spoke to Invest: about the consequential developments technology has caused in the healthcare sector over the last few years. He also discussed the need to address festering issues in rural healthcare. Read more

Keith Johnson

Atlanta Keith Johnson, East Group President, Brasfield & Gorrie

2 min read August 2021 — Brasfield & Gorrie is one of the largest privately held construction firms in the country, providing general contracting, design-build and construction management services. In an interview with Invest:, Regional President Keith Johnson discussed the Atlanta market, the current state of the construction industry and his outlook for the future. Read more

Shahab Karmely

Miami Shahab Karmely, Founder & CEO, KAR Properties

2 min read August 2021 — For Shahab Karmely, founder and CEO of KAR Properties, the best investment option today is real estate. He is convinced the near future is going to come with inflation, and hard assets like real estate will be the best vehicle to act as a hedge against inflation… Read more

Tim Keach

Nashville Tim Keach, Chairman & CEO, TDK Construction

2 min read August 2021 — Nashville is one of the places to be when it comes to real estate development, says Tim Keach, chairman and CEO of TDK Construction. In an interview with Invest:, Keach shared the biggest ways his company has grown over the last year as well as his outlook for the next year. Read more

Rex Kirby

Palm Beach Rex Kirby, President, Verdex Construction

2 min read August 2021 — Verdex Construction is a commercial contractor based in Florida with focuses that include multifamily, industrial, mixed use and hospitality. In an interview with Invest:, President Rex Kirby discussed the company’s approach to the pandemic and how the commercial sector is shaping up. Read more

Steve Grove

Minneapolis Steve Grove, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development 

2 min read August 2021 — The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development is dedicated to promoting business recruitment, expansion and trade and workforce and community development. Commissioner Steve Grove spoke with Invest: about moving beyond challenges of the past year… Read more

Joe Woolley

Nashville Joe Woolley, CEO, Nashville LGBT Chamber

2 min read August 2021 — The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce advances common business interests, economic growth, and inclusion in the workplace and society. In an interview with Invest:, Joe Woolley, the Chamber’s CEO, discussed the importance of an inclusive environment to Nashville’s economic growth. Read more

Miami Rebecca MacMillan Fox, Dean of the Division of Continuing and International Education, University of Miami

2 min read August 2021 — In today’s labor environment, people need to show evidence of competency. As a result, said Rebecca MacMillan Fox, dean of the Division of Continuing and International Education at the University of Miami, a person with a certificate in cybersecurity can have a better chance of a high-paying job. Read more

Atlanta Bill Clark, Principal, SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson

2 min read August 2021 — ‘The combined firm brings a diversity of work,” Bill Clark, principal of SSOE | Stevens & Wilkinson, told Invest: while explaining the significance of the finalization of the merger between the two firms in late 2020. In Atlanta, taking advantage of the greater supply of resources while also continuing to deliver great quality projects is the task at hand for the recently combined firm. Read more

Milton Jones

Atlanta Milton Jones, Founder, Peachtree Providence Partners

2 min read August 2021 — Atlanta’s fintech hub, prized location and talent capacity make it the place to be, leading the Southern region of the country toward growth. Milton Jones, founder of Peachtree Providence Partners, spoke with Invest: about the city’s bustling fintech landscape and the scope of his firm’s work in the region. Read more

Nashville Rob McCabe, Chairman, Pinnacle Financial Partners

2 min read August 2021 — Rob McCabe, chairman of Pinnacle Financial Partners, is optimistic about the banking business over the next two years. In an interview with Invest:, he mentioned that he is only worried about two things: low interest rates, which he would like to see go up a little, and the excess of government spending that could lead to something nobody wants, more taxes. Read more

Jeff Wessels

Minneapolis Jeff Wessels, President, Crown Bank

2 min read August 2021 — Small, nimble community banks proved to be a vital cog in Minnesota’s handling of the pandemic and recovery. Jeff Wessels, president of Crown Bank, spoke with Invest: and discussed how his financial institution helped businesses navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic… Read more

Lynda Pozzuto

Pittsburgh Lynda Pozzuto, Executive Director, Alle Kiski Strong Chamber

2 min read August 2021 — Lynda Pozzuto of the Alle Kiski Strong Chamber spoke to Invest: about the incredible opportunities for business growth in Armstrong County. There are several challenges to overcome before its full potential can be reached, namely a severe labor shortage. Ultimately though, optimism is running high for better days ahead, Kiski noted. Read more

Jay Parker

Palm Beach Jay Phillip Parker, CEO, Florida Region/President, Douglas Elliman/Douglas Elliman Development Marketing, Florida

2 min read August 2021 — Jay Phillip Parker, CEO of Douglas Elliman, Florida Region and President of Douglas Elliman Development Marketing, Florida spoke to Invest: about the long-term effects of the pandemic and why the technological transformation of the last year is here to stay. He also lays out the long-term expectations for a robust South Florida market. Read more

Steve Dziuk

San Antonio Steve Dziuk, President, Mesquite Wealth Management Group

2 min read August 2021 — The uncertainty of the pandemic has pushed financial services to new heights, with individual investors and business owners looking to either shield themselves from risks or capitalize on available opportunities. Steve Dziuk, president of Mesquite Wealth Management Group, paints the picture of San Antonio’s financial advisory landscape in an interview with Invest:. Read more

JAG Insurance Group Douglas Jones

Miami Douglas Jones, Managing Partner, JAG Insurance Group

2 min read August 2021 — South Florida faces a particularly challenging landscape when it comes to its insurance industry, with COVID-19 adding to already existent risks like hurricanes. The result is higher premiums. Douglas Jones, managing partner at JAG Insurance Group, shared his expertise and… Read more

Verdenia C. Baker

Palm Beach Verdenia Baker, County Administrator, Palm Beach County

2 min read August 2021 — Verdenia Baker, county administrator for Palm Beach County, talked to Invest: about how Palm Beach County has persevered throughout the pandemic and where it’s focusing its efforts moving forward. “We work closely with our cities and with the development community to make sure we are leveraging our dollars in developing affordable housing,” she told Invest:. Read more

Pittsburgh Mark Hilliard, President, Indiana County Chamber

2 min read August 2021 — Indiana County has been attracting major attention from businesses looking to expand their operations, primarily due to the county’s superb workforce development initiatives. In an interview with Invest:, Mark Hilliard, president of the Indiana County Chamber, discusses these workforce development initiatives, the current strength of the local business community and his outlook for the county. Read more

Minneapolis Dave Doherty, President, Digi-Key Electronics

2 min read August 2021 — Dave Doherty, president of Digi-Key Electronics, talked to Invest: about the incredible year that his company has had in spite of the pandemic. The one issue that needs to be resolved pertains to slowdowns in the supply chain, although this is expected to dissipate in the coming year, he remarked. Read more

Jonathan Packer

San Antonio Jonathan Packer, President & CEO, Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce

2 min read August 2021 — In an interview with Invest:, Jonathan Packer, president and CEO of the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, discusses his top priorities in his new role, what is attracting so much growth for New Braunfels and his outlook on both a local and regional level. Read more

James Gnefkow

Atlanta James Gnefkow, Executive Vice President, Peachtree Planning

2 min read August 2021 — James Gnefkow, executive vice president for Peachtree Planning, spoke with Invest: and discussed the current state of financial advising in Atlanta and the factors that his firm will address when planning for the future, including diversity and financial literacy for underserved communities. Read more

Liliam M. Lopez

Miami Lilliam Lopez, President & CEO, South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

2 min read August 2021 — The contribution of the Hispanic community to the South Florida region goes well beyond economic metrics. Lilliam Lopez, president and CEO of the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, spoke with Invest: about the local Hispanic community’s involvement in the region’s economic rebound, highlighting the role of Latina women, in particular. Read more

Butch Spyridon

Nashville Butch Spyridon, President & CEO, Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

2 min read August 2021 — “The IndyCar Grand Prix that came to Nashville is a good example of doing something different for the city and putting our music stamp on it so that it truly becomes unique to us,” Butch Spyridon, president and CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp, told Invest: as he discussed the success of promoting Nashville and the growth of the business travel and leisure tourism… Read more

Michael Lessing

Palm Beach Michael Lessing, President & COO, Lessing’s Hospitality Group

2 min read August 2021 — After a grueling year dealing with the devastating effects of the pandemic, Palm Beach’s hospitality sector is getting back to business. Michael Lessing, president and COO of Lessing’s Hospitality, shared why he is bullish on the area’s opportunities. “We definitely have a strong plan to ensure everyone knows who Lessing’s Hospitality Group is and we will continue to expand all of our… Read more

John Vardaman

Nashville John Vardaman, Nashville Business Unit Leader, DPR Construct

2 min read August 2021 — Nashville is bustling with construction developments amid a commercial comeback, a heightened interest in consolidating a life sciences footprint and projects leaning more toward the technological end. In an interview with Invest:, John Vardaman, Nashville business unit leader at DPR Construction, shares why the outlook for the city is tremendous. Read more