South End proving itself as a destination for relocations and expansions

South End proving itself as a destination for relocations and expansions

2022-07-12T03:53:40-04:00March 4th, 2022|Charlotte, Economy|

Writer: Keaona Gray-Outlaw

relocations and expansions2 min read March 2022 Charlotte real estate overall is receiving a great deal of attraction and South End is gaining its fair share. With the announcement of major expansions and relocations from four companies, South End has become one of the most desirable office submarkets in North Carolina. 

As companies increasingly plan a return to in-person work, the competition for talent amid a nationwide shortage means they also need to offer more to their staff. South End’s newly renovated structures and sustainable green spaces allow for wide space and comfort, and its close location to the city has set a higher standard for work environment preference. 

Vantage South End stands out as a key winner in attracting companies moving to the area, considering the development’s high-end luxuries and enviable landscape. Meeting both the demands of new residents and of new companies, here are the most recent businesses either expanding or relocating to Vantage South End: 


One of the biggest internet competitors in the broadband industry, Brightspeed officially signedopens PDF file a lease on Tuesday for its new headquarters at Vantage South End East Tower. The East Tower’s high-end balconies, large office spaces and featured amenities have made this building attractive to companies looking for expansion in the region. With this new headquarters, Brightspeed expects to expand its fiber network across 20 states and to hire over 100 new corporate staff. The expansion will take place in May 2022. 

For more visit: Brightspeed

Alston & Bird

Alston & Bird, a leading national and international law firm, recently announced its official lease of two office floors, also in the East Tower.The company plans to bring its entire team to this new office, with the expectation for 200 employees to work at the new site. The lease provides 55,000 square feet and tw floors in the 11-story building. The space is expected to be ready by May 2022, according to the Charlotte Business Journal.  

For more, visit: Alston & Bird


CBRE, the commercial real estate firm, is relocating to the 24,535-square-foot space available on the second floor of the East Tower. According to an interview with the Charlotte Business Journal, Compton Newman, Managing Director of CBRE in Charlotte, stated that the firm’s expansion includes relocation of 100 of its employees. The new office is expected to accommodate the company’s forecast growth rate of 30% over the next 10 years. Newman said that he was drawn to the surrounding spaces and building properties of the company’s new office. It is expected to move into the newly renovated space by October 2022. 

For more, visit here: CBRE

Armstrong Transport Group

Armstrong Transport Group, a multimodal carrier network, is relocating its headquarters to the East Tower of Vantage South End. The move was prompted by South’s End’s location and access to recruiting, according to an interview with CEO Brian Mann in the Charlotte Business Journal. The company will occupy the entire fifth floor to accommodate its 200 employees over 27,172 square feet. Mann added that the firm plans to hire an additional 100 employees in early 2023, with the project set to finish by May 2022.

For more, visit: Armstrong Transport Group