Some of Atlanta’s most exciting upcoming economic developments

Some of Atlanta’s most exciting upcoming economic developments

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Writer: Joey Garrand

2 min read September 2021 — The growth of metro Atlanta has been well documented, but there are a few projects that will look to define the future of the region and stand as symbols of the continued progress. Local economic development leaders discussed with Invest: some of the most significant projects underway in the region at this time.

Andrew CarnesAndrew Carnes, Vice President of Economic Development, Partnership Gwinnett

In August 2021, we announced one of the largest projects in Gwinnett County history with Intuitive. This is the company that manufactures the Da Vinci surgical robot, which allows surgeons to carry out pioneering robotic surgeries. They’ll be setting up a significant operation within Peachtree Corners and will employ roughly 1,200 people. 

We also have another 160-potential projects in our pipeline consisting of companies looking to grow and expand within the county. Some of these projects are significant in size, so we hope to have big news to share in the next year. 

AJ RobinssonAJ Robinson, President, Central Atlanta Progress, Inc

We have a number of projects. We have Centennial Yards, which is 40 or 50 acres that has already opened some of the renovated products. Next to that, we have a project known as South Downtown, where a company called Newport has bought up about 100 parcels. Underground has a new owner and there are plans to add density. Summerhill, which is the 60 acres around Georgia State University, is booming. They are renovating buildings and starting construction on a variety of projects. A little north of all that, we have a large hospital project beginning, new residential projects and the Center for Civil Human Rights has announced an expansion program. There are also several student housing developments. There’s a nice mix of projects in terms of size and in different sectors. 

Emory MorsbergerEmory Morsberger, Executive Director, Gateway85 Community Improvement District

We did a massive study over the past 18 months, which is now complete and we’ve defined 148 different projects that need to be completed in our area to improve mobility. The area was oriented primarily to freight movement, but it really has morphed into a multimodal transportation game plan. One of the larger projects will be to replace the Jimmy Carter Bridge over I-85, representing a $70 million investment. 

Another goal is continuing to improve our curb appeal. We continue to inject $200,000 a year into landscaping improvements. The objective is for Gateway85 to be the best-looking CID, office and industrial area in metro Atlanta.

Chenee JosephChenee Joseph, Executive Director, Historic District Development Corporation

The Front Porch Project is the first equitable development in Atlanta. We’re looking at being intentional to channel true entrepreneurship rather than traditional retail. Entrepreneurs can access training as well as a retail space, whether that be a pop-up store or a larger offering.

Looking at urban agriculture, our neighborhood must be able to feed itself, which was highlighted by COVID. HDDC is working to ensure that there is a set aside of affordable units for a farmer-in-residence and an artist-in-residence. We are doing the exact same thing with arts and culture. Not only is this an educational opportunity but also a tourism opportunity, and it increases the economic viability of our stakeholders.

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