May 2018 — There is no question that ride sharing has made it easier for people to travel from place to place on an international scale. Even in Miami, where there is a strong car-ownership culture, people have been cutting back on driving and turning to ride sharing to get around town.

The most obvious reason for this trend is that ride sharing apps are so easy to use. The user-friendly interface lets you order a ride, contact your driver and even see what type of car you’ll be riding in before it arrives. There’s also the comfort of knowing how much your ride will cost before you get in the car, and digital receipts are much easier to keep track of than paper receipts. On the whole, ride sharing makes traveling easy and stress free, especially when you’re not the one stuck behind the wheel during a rush-hour traffic jam.


Today Uber, the world’s biggest ride-sharing company, has 100,000 partners throughout the state of Florida. We asked Kasra Moshkani, general manager of the Southeast U.S. region, how Uber is working with the Miami business community to make the ride-sharing experience unique.

One answer to that is the partnerships we’ve formed over the last few years, including our relationships with the Miami Heat, the Miami Marlins, the Adrienne Arsht Center and Ultra Music Festival,” Moshkani said. “These organizations, sports franchises, venues and events in our community are such an integral part of what it means to live in Miami, and we want to be a part of that experience.”

Partnerships are not the only way Uber stays connected. For the second year in a row, Uber is teaming up with Ironhack, a coding and design bootcamp located in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood, to award scholarships to Uber driver-partners and riders. In 2018, $200,000 in scholarships will be given out to promote professional development in the area of coding and design.

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