Miami is the economic hub of the enormous South Florida mega-region, the world’s 15th largest, home to 15.1 million people and producing $430 billion in economic output. The Gateway to the Americas, Miami is an important logistics hub and growing center for international commerce. Invest: Miami takes a deep dive into the Miami business community, breaking down, sector by sector, what it means to do business in this ever-developing market.


The Atlanta metro area has the fifth largest population in the U.S. with 5.7 million residents. It is considered to be a top business city and a primary transportation hub of the Southeastern U.S. The city contains the world headquarters of Fortune 500 corporations such as Coca-Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Delta Air Lines and Turner Broadcasting.


Broward is sometimes known as the Venice of America because of its expansive and intricate canal system. The city is a major yachting center, with numerous resident yachts and over 100 marinas and boatyards. The tourist industry is a mainstay to the Fort Lauderdale economy, and its hospitality institutions are abundant. Invest: Broward takes a look at Miami’s northern neighbor to differentiate investors’ options.