Press Release: Invest: Miami Partners with the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Offering Access to the Complete Economic Review of Miami, February 8, 2016

Press Release: Invest: Miami Partners with the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: Offering Access to the Complete Economic Review of Miami, February 8, 2016

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MIAMI – Invest: Miami, a publication of Capital Analytics, is partnering with the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC) for members to have access to the only comprehensive report on Miami’s business climate. Along with information about various economic sectors in Miami, the publication also features insights from many Hispanic-owned businesses and Hispanic leaders that greatly impact Miami.

SFLHCC aspires to promote the continued growth of the Hispanic business community, while advocating for Hispanic and minority-owned business.

Liliam Lopez, president and CEO of the SFLHCC, says about Invest: Miami, “SFLHCC members will revel in the great amount of information Invest: Miami provides. It is truly an all-in-one publication. As a supporter of Miami’s economy, we are using Invest: Miami as a tool to bring more investment to the area.”

Capital Analytics is a dynamic media company that, like the SFLHCC, serves the needs of Hispanic businesses, executives, investors and entrepreneurs through forging strategic connections and producing engaging, relevant and high-impact content such as Invest: Miami.

“Providing comprehensive information on the dynamics of Miami-Dade’s economy is our mandate. This partnership with SFLHCC allows us to reach a vital segment of the Miami populace and forge relationships with those who are shaping Miami’s success,” says Abby Melone, executive director of Capital Analytics.

Through this partnership, Invest: Miami will be able to provide unique insights into Miami’s economy and business climate for the members of the SFLHCC, who serve as pillars of the Hispanic community. “The collaboration with SFLHCC will allow us to further enhance our coverage of the market and our engagement with the Hispanic community of Miami and aid in the mission of Miami-Dade’s advancement,” Melone says.

Invest: Miami is the first, comprehensive, 200-page economic review that illuminates the key issues facing Miami-Dade and underscores emerging business opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and innovators looking to enter the Miami market. The publication is produced with two goals in mind: 1) to provide comprehensive investment knowledge on Miami to external investors and the global business community, and 2) to promote Miami as a place to invest and do business, the report conducts a deep dive of the top economic sectors in the county.

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About the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC) was founded on July 21, 1994, with the mission of promoting the continued growth and development of the Hispanic business community and to serve as a resource center and forum to advocate for Hispanic and Minority-owned businesses. The organization is comprised of dedicated professional individuals and business owners who have come together to advance the commercial, financial, educational, and civic interests of the ever-growing Hispanic community of South Florida.

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