Orlando top city for behavioral health technicians

Orlando top city for behavioral health technicians

By: Yolanda Rivas

2 min read January 2020 — The rapid advancements in technology and innovation are significantly disrupting the work environment across all industries, making many health and life sciences-related professions some of the fastest-growing across the globe. A recent report on 2020 emerging jobs places behavioral health technician as one of the fastest-growing positions around the world, and Orlando is one of top the cities for this career. 

LinkedIn’s third annual U.S. emerging jobs reportopens PDF file identified the top 15 up and coming jobs during the last five years. Artificial intelligence and data science continue to show rapid growth and heavy influence in many sectors. However, according to the report, the rise in insurance coverage for mental health is increasing the demand for behavioral health professionals. 

Orlando ranked as one of the cities where the jobs are for behavioral health technicians, which is the only job on the list that generally doesn’t require a four-year degree. The report estimates the hiring rate for these professionals has grown an average of 31% year over year since 2015. 

The average annual salary for a behavioral health technician in Orlando is $27,817, as of Jan. 2, 2020, according to online employment marketplace ZipRecruiter. The national average salary is $30,080 a year. ZipRecruiter’s recent job postings show an active marketplace for behavioral health technician jobs in Orlando and its surrounding area. 

Behavioral health technicians work along doctors, primary counselors, therapeutic staff and other healthcare professionals to assist in the treatment of adults or children with substance use, developmental disorders or mental health conditions. 

The report suggests that increased health insurance coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment are likely the reasons for the increased demand for these professionals. The State of Mental Health in America 2018 report states that 61.7% of adults with any mental illness (AMI) in Florida did not receive treatment. The national average is 55.8%. 

The top industries hiring behavioral health professionals are: mental healthcare, hospital and healthcare, individual and family services, education management, health and wellness and fitness, the 2020 emerging jobs report shows.  

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