Low inventory and high demand usher in 2022

Low inventory and high demand usher in 2022

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Writer: Jerrica DuBois

2 min read January 2022 — San Antonio’s real estate and construction markets are booming, and as more people continue to migrate to the area, the region remains a seller’s dream with low inventory and high demand. Invest: spoke with local leaders to gauge their outlook for the real estate and development market in 2022 and beyond. 

Todd Gold, CEO & Owner, REOC Partners, Ltd.

Our outlook for the next three years is very strong for the single-family market, especially with the immigration we are seeing. I would temper every comment, however, based on these issues:  increasing land prices, supply chain issues, labor costs and inflation, because those three factors will be what impacts the continuation of growth. 

Investors are still bullish on San Antonio and they should be because it’s different from the volatility in other markets, and we have a broad, diverse business climate. We were a U.S. military town forever, and now we’ve become a big medical town. That mix of things makes our outlook for San Antonio very positive. It’s predictable and most investors want that. People want low-risk investments. 

Julissa Carielo, Co-Founder & Partner, DreamOn Group

Real estate and construction are going to continue along this crazy booming path. There are many expansion opportunities, and land is available to continue developing. The housing market is much needed at every level, including apartments, houses, and condos. There are  many opportunities, and we are going to continue to see that. We will continue to struggle with rising costs and labor shortages and will need to get creative to solve some of those issues. As we continue to grow, we are looking to hire at every level. We need to fill positions, including carpenters, construction workers, superintendents, project managers, and accounting. 

Bob Jacobs, Broker & Owner, RE/MAX Associates

We will see steady growth, although maybe not as much growth as we had this past year in terms of demand. Pre-Owned homes will continue to be in high demand. New home construction will depend on the availability of material and labor. Our goal will be to adapt to it, and to keep our professionals educated and motivated to help their clients. 



Marsha McCombs Shields, Managing Partner, McCombs Family Partners, Ltd.

We’re looking at how the work we’re doing is building for the future. We’re actively asking the question, “What is the future?” Our major investments – automotive, real estate, energy – are ever-changing so we’re staying on top of what we should be doing and where we should be down the line. Our different silos may not change but we will adapt within them to continue to build opportunities and serve clients and customers.

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