Labor Day brings a sense of togetherness to Minneapolis

Labor Day brings a sense of togetherness to Minneapolis

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Writer: Joshua Andino 

2 min read September 2021 — As the nation prepares for a long weekend, residents of Minneapolis are eager to reunite with colleagues and friends after a year of limited in-person interactions. Business leaders in Minneapolis shared with Invest: their plans for Labor Day, which include traveling, spending time outdoors and neighborhood picnics.

Joshua Enger

Joshua Enger, Office Managing Partner, CliftonLarsonAllen

Professionally, I am just enjoying seeing our teams back together and in person. While we have always paid close attention to safety guidelines and made sure that our people’s safety is a top priority, at CLA we have kept our doors open throughout the pandemic for those that prefer to work from the office. While we were able to shift to a remote environment very quickly and successfully it has become apparent that we are simply better together as more and more of our teams are returning to the office on a regular basis. We are a relationship business and there is something unique about in person interactions amongst our teams and clients that simply can’t be matched.

Personally, I hate to be boring, but not much will change for me year over year. My wife and I have three young kids and most of our time is spent with them doing activities that weren’t overly impacted by the pandemic. We enjoy the outdoors, sporting activities, gardening, and spending time on one of the many lakes we are fortunate to have in Minnesota.

John M. KoneckJohn M. Koneck, President, Fredrikson & Byron

(I’m excited for) Personal travel! I’m hopeful that our family trip to New York City will happen this fall because I love the city. For Labor Day, we’ll be going to our place on the Root River that’s close to Minneapolis. I’ve got a trip planned for Hawaii in early 2022 where I’ll be speaking at a seminar. I hope that trip continues as scheduled as we emerge from the pandemic.

Angelia MillenderAngelia Millender, President, Century College

I would like to get together with my colleagues again and have open dialogue in a space where we feel safe with each other. I can tell you that we are all still a bit hesitant.


Barry C. McCarthy

Barry C. McCarthy, President & CEO, Deluxe Corporation

I think, like everyone else, the chance to be together and socialize, to be at a neighborhood picnic, the re-opening of the world — it’s such a refreshing thing. I know that people are still suffering but for people like me who have had their double dose of vaccine, we are racing toward the future. 

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