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Face Off: Tampa’s Transportation Task Forces

Writer: Max Crampton-Thomas 4 min read September 2019 — Whether it is Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas County, transportation issues seem to plague the entirety of this growing region. Mitigating these challenges requires innovative thinking and collaboration between...

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Tackling Affordable Housing in the Bay

Tackling Affordable Housing in the Bay

Writer: Max Crampton-Thomas 2 min read August 2019 —  Growth in the Tampa Bay region has been twofold, with a  significant boom in the economy and the population. As the population grows so does the need for more affordable housing options in the region. While there...

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Spotlight On: Brian Kornfeld, President and Co-Founder, Synapse

Writer: Max Crampton-Thomas 2 min read August 2019 — The growth of Tampa Bay’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is a testament to the boom of innovation, collaboration and economic rise that the region is experiencing. The key to keeping this growth sustainable comes down to...

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“I think it’s impressive; nice quality, great voices.” 

Rick Homans, President and CEO, Tampa Bay Partnership

“It’s really impressive! You’re here at the right time.” 

Joseph Lopano, CEO, Tampa International Airport

“I think it’s fantastic. Frankly, we’d have it right out there in our lobby all year long, and I’d have it in my office. I like the fact that it’s people oriented; it’s relational.” 

Gre Kadet, Market Head, UBS Financial Services

“It’s a great thing, and I think we have a great story to tell.” 

RIck Kriseman, Mayor, City of St. Petersburg

“It’s glossy, it’s thick, and filled with information for investors. Looks good!” 

Bob Buckhorn, Mayor, City of Tampa