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Growing Up Lakeland: A City on the Cusp

By staff writer March 2019 Often known as the city sandwiched between Orlando and Tampa or as the host of one of America’s largest aviation shows, the City of Lakeland has been working diligently to accelerate its prominence not only in Polk County but...

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A Hub for Medical Innovation

By staff writer February 2019 There are certain aspects of a community that will always prove to be true. One such truth is when you have an area like Tampa Bay that is home to nearly 3 million people, and that number is steadily increasing year after...

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Workforce Development for the Future

By Ian Leigh February 2019 Photo credit: Tampa Bay Times. Although Governor Ron DeSantis has asked for Florida’s education commissioner, Richard Corcoran, to help him secure $36 million from the legislature for workforce programs, with an emphasis on computer science...

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“I think it’s impressive; nice quality, great voices.” 

Rick Homans, President and CEO, Tampa Bay Partnership

“It’s really impressive! You’re here at the right time.” 

Joseph Lopano, CEO, Tampa International Airport

“I think it’s fantastic. Frankly, we’d have it right out there in our lobby all year long, and I’d have it in my office. I like the fact that it’s people oriented; it’s relational.” 

Gre Kadet, Market Head, UBS Financial Services

“It’s a great thing, and I think we have a great story to tell.” 

RIck Kriseman, Mayor, City of St. Petersburg

“It’s glossy, it’s thick, and filled with information for investors. Looks good!” 

Bob Buckhorn, Mayor, City of Tampa