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Palm Beach’s Boat Show Boosts Tourism, Growth

By staff writer April 2019 This weekend, Palm Beach County residents and tourists were treated to the 34th annual Palm Beach International Boat Show, billed as one of the nation’s top 5 boat shows in the country. This year’s show featured more than $1.2 billion worth...

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Atlanta’s Booming Entertainment Industry

By staff writer March 2019 The entertainment industry is often very loyal to the areas that give birth to its craft. Nashville, for instance, is the birthplace of country music, while Detroit is the home of Motown. And the motion picture industry is no different. From...

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Votes Matter in Palm Beach County!

By staff writer March 2019 Residents of Palm Beach County turned out by the thousands to recent municipal elections, which resulted in re-elections, new faces, and even a couple runoffs for the mayors of Palm Beach County. It was quite the day for the mayoral...

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