Invest: Palm Beach 2022 to showcase the region’s evolution

Invest: Palm Beach 2022 to showcase the region’s evolution

2022-07-18T03:44:52-04:00May 6th, 2022|Palm Beach, Press Releases|

Writer: Joshua Andino 

Palm Beach 20222 min read May 2022 — After successfully releasing a comprehensive business intelligence report for the region in 2021, Capital Analytics is set to begin production of Invest: Palm Beach 2022 and showcase the transformation of Palm Beach County’s economy as well as its steep growth trajectory in a post-pandemic landscape.

Known for an unmatched quality of life and a burgeoning center of finance, Palm Beach has emerged from the pandemic in a position of strength, having attracted a number of business relocations and secondary office expansions over the last two years. Currently beginning production, Invest: Palm Beach 2022 is an in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges for the local business ecosystem. This next edition will examine the region’s growing economic heft, the sectors holding great potential for expansion and the proactive and innovative actions taken by business, political and local leaders to capitalize on the strong post-pandemic recovery.

With key industries such as finance, logistics, real estate, construction, agriculture, tourism, hospitality and even space-age manufacturing, and local schools providing a strong supply of qualified talent to grow these industries, Palm Beach leaders in both the public and private sectors remain bullish on the region’s future. 

“Palm Beach has evolved into a more dynamic economy right before our eyes. From new businesses and families settling in the area to the continuous influx of capital that seems to grow with each passing day, Capital Analytics is excited to see what the future holds for Palm Beach and how local leaders are responding to a growing market,” said Abby Melone, president and CEO of Capital Analytics.

Capital Analytics is an integrated media platform that produces in-depth business intelligence through its annual print and digital economic reviews, high-impact conferences and events and top-level interviews via its video platform, Invest: Insights.

Distributed locally, nationally and globally, Invest: Palm Beach remains the premier comprehensive business report to holistically assess the economy of the region. Of the company’s more than 1.7 million global readers, 70% are senior executives who use in-depth business intelligence to make informed business decisions within industries that range from health and life sciences to education and from energy to advanced manufacturing. 

The production of Invest: Palm Beach 2022 is officially underway as the Capital Analytics team connects with key contributors to collect their insights into the local region. Invest: Palm Beach 2022 is a unique opportunity for the local business community to tell the world, in its own words, why the region is such a dynamic place to do business.