Invest: North Jersey 2022 to showcase emerging regional opportunities

Invest: North Jersey 2022 to showcase emerging regional opportunities

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Writer:  Felipe Rivas

Invest: North Jersey2 min read July 2021 — Known for its proximity to New York City and for a highly diversified industry base, North Jersey is a key Northeastern market that anchors much of the growth and economic development opportunities found in the Garden State. After successfully analyzing the dynamic yet distinctive economics of South Jersey and Philadelphia, Capital Analytics is ready to expand its footprint across New Jersey with the production of Invest: North Jersey, the latest addition to the firm’s portfolio of business intelligence reports.  

With key industries like healthcare, manufacturing, finance, logistics, technology, clean energy and life sciences driving the local economy before and during the pandemic, the North Jersey region has enjoyed continuous growth and economic expansion in recent years. Based on this solid foundation, the region is poised to emerge stronger in a post COVID-19 landscape. The steady supply of a well-educated workforce along with the strong, collaborative environment among academic communities, state and local government and private industry have bolstered the region and made it a popular landing point for businesses and families.

Now under production, Invest: North Jersey is a detailed business review that analyzes the key opportunities and challenges within the North Jersey region from the perspective of local movers and shakers. This year’s edition will have an emphasis on transformation, post-COVID-19 innovation and the region’s inherent economic development opportunities. The analysis of the area will feature insights from the city’s top business, political and local leaders.

“After successful stints analyzing the economies found within the Delaware Valley, we are headed north. North Jersey underpins our growth plans in the Garden State. There is a great deal of opportunity within the region, and we’re excited to showcase the movers and shakers who are helping to create and capitalize on those opportunities. There isn’t another publication that delivers the caliber of business intelligence we do for the markets we cover, now including North Jersey,” said Abby Melone, president and CEO of Capital Analytics.  

Capital Analytics is an integrated media platform that produces in-depth business intelligence through its annual print and digital economic reviews, high-impact conferences and events and top-level interviews via its video platform, Invest: Insights.

Distributed locally, nationally and globally, Invest: North Jersey is the first comprehensive business report to holistically assess the economy of the region. Of the company’s more than 900,000 global readers, 70% are senior executives who use in-depth business intelligence to make informed business decisions within industries that range from health and life sciences to education and from energy to advanced manufacturing. 

The Capital Analytics team is now connecting with key contributors to collect their insights into the local region. Invest: NorthJersey is a unique opportunity for the local business community to tell the world, in its own words, why the region is such a dynamic place to do business.

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