Invest: North & Central Jersey 2022 Launch Conference welcomes a packed house and thriving New Jersey business community

Invest: North & Central Jersey 2022 Launch Conference welcomes a packed house and thriving New Jersey business community

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Writer: Joshua Andino 

3 min read July 2022 Heralding the return to in-person events, the inaugural Invest: North & Central Jersey launch conference kicked off today. Leaders shared a general sentiment that the region’s business community is energized for the future amidst new and continued investment throughout the region, promising a bright future and a resurgent New Jersey.  

In her opening remarks at the launch event, Capital Analytics’ CEO Abby Melone said it was an exciting time for North and Central Jersey. “Between the investments the counties themselves are making and the investments companies are logging, the region has become one of the nation’s premier live, work and play destinations.” Melone, a New Jersey native, said. “Already contributing the lion’s share of the state’s GDP, the North and Central Jersey region is gearing up for long-term growth on the back of its highly rated educational institutions and an enviable and skilled workforce.”

One of 18 annual business intelligence reports produced by Capital Analytics Associates, Invest: North & Central Jersey 2022 is a holistic overview of the trends, challenges and opportunities in the local economic landscape.

Opening the event was keynote speaker and Middlesex County Commissioner Deputy Director Shanti Narra, sharing the numerous successes and investments the county has made over the years. “Middlesex County has been on a transformative journey over the last decade, centered on making strategic business decisions on those who live, work, and play in Middlesex County.” 

Narra was immediately followed by New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill, who emphasized the successful relationship between New Brunswick and Middlesex County, as well as the sheer scale of investment in New Brunswick. “You may be able to tell from the construction cranes that dot our city skyline that New Brunswick continues its evolution as a thriving, urban global center. New Brunswick has been propelled forward with over $5 billion dollars invested in the recent construction of new residential, retail, office, educational, and healthcare facilities.”

In addition to the opening addresses by local officials, the conference hosted three panel discussions, the first being “Pioneering Healthcare & Life Sciences: Next steps for North and Central Jersey’s healthcare and life sciences ecosystem.” Diverse & Engaged CEO Dee Marshall moderated the discussion, and featured speakers Christopher Paladino, president of the New Brunswick Redevelopment Corporation (DEVCO), Bradley Bailey, senior vice president and general manager for Genmab in the U.S., and Paul Marden, UnitedHealthcare’s CEO for New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Partnership, equitable access to care and the regional benefits of the New Jersey Innovation Institute – “The Hub” – emerged as key themes, with Marden saying, “The healthcare system is very complex, there are a ton of barriers, and we’ve got a ton of work to do – it’s about access, simplicity, and affordability.”

The second panel, “Growth Mode: Reimagining the business of real estate and market development options,” was introduced by Marlene Boruso, USA Architect’s director of sustainability and wellness, and moderated by Jonathan Korn, partner for BlankRome’s Corporate Litigation Practice. Speakers included David Greek, managing partner of Greek Development, Scarinci Hollenbeck’s Donald Pepe, chair of the firm’s commercial real estate section, Edward Russo, CEO of Russo Development, and Taneshia Laid, president & CEO of Newark Symphony Hall. The panel discussed the changing real estate landscape and what that entails for economic development, with Greek noting the accelerated trends of the pandemic. “The adoption of online shopping, grocery being a big one, is quite sticky,” said Greek. “This has shifted a lot of the business from brick and mortar retail into distribution centers and warehousing.” 

The final panel, “Harnessing Innovation: How institutions and organizations are adapting to today’s innovation landscape,” was introduced by panel presenter George Destafney, president of the New Jersey Region for OceanFirst Bank, and moderated by Capital Analytics’ CEO Abby Melone. Speakers included Alpha Business Solutions CEO Gene Waddy, Invest Newark President & CEO Marcus Randolph, and Technology Concepts Group International President and CEO Avis Yates Rivers. The conversation emphasized the every-day-increasing pace of innovation across the business landscape, with Yates Rivers saying, “Innovation is anything that helps you to improve upon the way you’re doing things.…it’s creating better and greater efficiencies in the way you go to market, the way you do business, get financing,” before joking how long it’s been since she’s physically entered a bank. 

The closing address was provided by Invest: North & Central Jersey Executive Director Victoria Cepeda, who thanked the business community, saying “ The Big Apple doesn’t have anything on the Garden State.”

Capital Analytics recorded over 200 attendees at the event. 

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