The population of South Florida is not only growing dramatically, but it is also aging. Because of our extensive data analysis, we know how the needs of this growing and aging population will translate, with emphasis on oncology, ophthalmology, sports medicine, dermatology and cardiovascular services, and are designing our process accordingly. First, we are restructuring our three hospitals into one medical center to allow us to accommodate more cancer patients. Second, we are recruiting a number of new positions to meet the needs of cardiovascular disease, surgical procedures and final clinical stages, focusing on the needs of the community to deliver care in the appropriate way. Finally, we are placing continued emphasis on expanding outpatient care through a growing regional network. Shifting to outpatient care, when appropriate, enables us to offer better care and will always help to reduce the cost of healthcare. We have continued to develop our services in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We have also continued to add more services, such as our Bascom Palmer Eye Institute facilities in Naples. One aspect of the Walgreens relationship is for us to develop a regional urgent care presence. We will be providing urgent care services in conjunction with Walgreens in the stores throughout South East Florida. Additionally, as part of the relationship, Walgreens will be helping us manage our pharmacy benefits for employees at the University of Miami and will be working with us on hospital-based pharmacy services, particularly the 340B program, which is an important component in the way that we provide medications. As healthcare providers, we all have to become much more cost sensitive and start looking for ways in which to provide the same level of services while highly reducing the cost. The pressure will be to provide services that reduce costs and it is likely that the Federal Government will maintain the instead of reducing the rate of reimbursement for hospitals.