The cruise industry has become the fastest-growing part of the global vacation sector. South Florida, and Miami in particular has reaped huge dividends as travelers from around the world descend on the region to enjoy what we have to offer. In an effort to create even more reasons for consumers to consider ocean vacations, Carnival Corporation has been developing the cruising’s next major transformation. The One Cruise Experience Access Network (OCEAN), creates the opportunity to deliver ever more personalized and memorable experiences to cruisers, through original, authentic broadcast content and our amazing vacation experiences. The centerpiece of OCEAN is a device called the Ocean Medallion. It can be worn or carried and provides the means to amazing personalized experiences based on a guest’s location, their personal preferences and cruise history. The Ocean Medallion leverages the internet of things to create a stress-free time filled with the things holidaymakers enjoy, personalized to their own tastes. The medallion changes everything about the cruise vacation experience by enhancing how our crew interacts with our guests in innovative ways with a focus on making the most of their vacation experience. Medallion Class vacations debut in November 2017 onboard the Regal Princess cruises departing Fort. Lauderdale, followed by the Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess, which will begin offering Medallion Class voyages in early 2018. Looking further ahead, Princess will transform all of the vessels in its feet to Medallion Class ships in coming years. And we as a corporation plan to expand the innovation to additional cruise brands in the future at a pace and schedule that makes sense for our guests, shareholders and operations teams. This is an extraordinary innovation that will not only change what consumers expect from the guest experience in the cruise industry, but in the broader vacation sector, with applications in other industries.