While South Florida, like the state as a whole, has in past generations been known as a retirement hub, the changing wants and needs of the baby boomers is recalibrating what it means to age in ways that should cause all of us to rethink everything related to aging. South Florida in particular brings a unique mix of cultures as the “Gateway to the Americas.” As a membership organization, AARP is intent on finding ways to connect with the very diverse audiences within the market, and to do that, we must find innovative ways to engage locally. While the AARP Foundation has partnered with the Miami Dolphins to raise awareness about the realities that economically vulnerable elders face, the primary issues – adequate and affordable housing, financial stability, adequate nutrition, and connection to the broader community – extend to a much broader swath of South Florida. AARP Florida is focused on working with allies in the for-profit, non-profit, academic, governmental and philanthropic areas in South Florida who have joined the World Health Organization/AARP Age Friendly Network of Communities. This is a network to identify what communities in the region are doing well and how to improve livability for people of all ages and economic circumstances. Our focus is to identify the needs of members in the community as a whole, so we can meet in ways that empower them to choose how they live as they age. For some, that comes through our advocacy and for others, it comes through the opportunities to learn and grow that we offer and for some it’s through the products and services that AARP Services works with providers to offer. The key opportunity for us is to identify in this diverse market the needs that aren’t being met in our current value proposition and innovate new solutions that are consistent with our values. AARP Florida works with organizations on a variety of education, outreach and advocacy efforts, for which we share common goals, including for-profit companies as well as non-profit agencies and associations.