There is a favorable tax environment here in South Florida and, when compared to other world-class cities, we are still relatively affordable. We will continue to see some adjustments in the condominium market. There were a lot of projects developers Total Bank was planning to go to market with but we have decided to see how current units are absorbed. I’m bullish about Miami and that ties in with our business. We want to continue to do all the right real estate projects. We have capacity to lend, and we want to continue to do more. We want to continue providing mortgages to foreign nationals in a very prudent and deliberate manner. When it comes to regulations, the general consensus in the industry is that this administration will be good for the banking industry, whether you are looking at Dodd-Frank or the other myriad regulations that have been applied to banks and other businesses. Regulations, in general, are not bad. We need them. But overall, it has increased the cost structure for banks tremendously, and community banks have been impacted more than regional or national banks. A reduction in some of the overall regulation would allow banks to operate with a lower expense structure, which would allow them to pass on savings to clients. Providing services faster would cause a positive ripple effect in way of job creation and economic stimulation. It’s an exciting time to be in Miami and an exciting time to be in our industry. We really made a point in the last 18 months to rapidly evolve and leverage our company’s core strengths.