Invest: Miami speaks with Jason Barker, President, ChenMed

Invest: Miami speaks with Jason Barker, President, ChenMed

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What business advantages do you enjoy from your home base in Miami Gardens?

Our headquarters location is perfect. We are where several highways come together. Because of this, we have easy access to our clinics both north and south. Plus, the busy highway system gives us great visibility. Thousands of potential customers drive past ChenMed every day. We also benefit from a diverse and excellent talent pool with competencies in healthcare. Our centers are multilingual and multicultural, effectively serving, Cuban, Haitian, and African-American patients in convenient neighborhood locations. Our centers are not located in high-rent areas. So, we can focus more resources on serving patients; and can continually test and refine innovative approaches to care. Ours is a culture of love, accountability and passion. Our physicians annually see fewer than 400 patients on average, intentionally. As a result, our physicians frequently see patients up to 12 times per year. Because our patient panels are one-fifth as large as the national average, our doctors nurture outstanding relationships with each of their patients. Better physician/patient relationships, combined with onsite specialists, laboratory tests, medication delivery, and courtesy transportation really make Chen Senior Medical Centers special places – especially for seniors living with major and complex health challenges.

How do technology innovations improve your patient care?

Our nimble IT company, ChenTech, is constantly improving our electronic health records system and other end-to-end technologies designed specifically for medical practices that deliver value-based care. We leverage technology to empower ChenMed doctors, so they can continuingly help patients achieve better health outcomes. ChenTech offers custom services like Silicon Valley – all to help doctors stay focused on patients and best practices.