Invest: Miami speaks with Dr. Tomislav Mandakovic, Dean of the Andreas School of Business at Barry University

Invest: Miami speaks with Dr. Tomislav Mandakovic, Dean of the Andreas School of Business at Barry University

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In Miami, globalization is not just talk or theory; it is actually unfolding before our very eyes. We see its effects every single day, and this is the reason why most of our business school graduates are choosing to stay in this market, and are even willing to take a cut on their salary to do so.

Because globalization is within the reach of our fingertips, new opportunities are emerging every single day. In the past, Miami was viewed principally as a tourist destination. As it has evolved into a center of commerce and the economic capital of Latin America, we are seeing growth in new industries. For instance, there is a tech boom underway today. Moreover, as cross-border activities generating from Miami continue to grow, there is a corresponding demand for legal, accounting and advisory services, with special emphasis on international business. For anyone interested in doing business with Latin America, Miami is the number one place to be.

For these reasons, and the sheer fact that it is an attractive city with many cultural and lifestyle offerings, Miami is an ideal location to study business. There are four AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) accredited institutions in Miami-Dade County, one of them being Barry University’s Andreas School of Business.

What sets the Andreas School of Business apart are the values we impart on our students. As a Catholic university founded by the Adrian Dominican Sisters, we emphasize principles of social responsibility and corporate sustainability. Not only is this what we believe to be the ethical approach in business, but it is becoming increasingly necessary for business leaders to understand these principles to e ectively engage with their consumers and stakeholders.

Looking ahead, we see the business community in Miami-Dade growing, thriving and becoming increasingly more competitive. To get ahead, it is necessary to have mastery over technology and principles of entrepreneurship—these are areas the Andreas School of Business focuses on in our curriculum.