Mortgage lending is an area where Professional Bank has done exceptionally well. Even so, we are cautiously optimistic as the rates are increasing. While homes priced under £1 million are doing very well and are expected to continue to do so, rising rates, higher inventories and a stronger dollar have caused a slowdown in the upper end of the market. One item the banking industry anticipates is the possibility of some regulatory relief in the near future. Modifying the Dodd-Frank Act would be very welcomed by the banking sector as a whole, and by smaller- and medium-sized institutions in particular. Dodd-Frank has some good aspects, but it has also been very onerous on the residential lending front. We want to see some common-sense modifications to diminish the difficulties associated with compliance. Unintended consequences and costs occur because of these difficulties, like the distortion in the burden of compliance between big and small banks. The former has armies of people working on compliance but the latter does not. Going forwards, despite a strong dollar and the headwinds we are currently facing in Latin America, Miami continues to offer a strong business environment with expectations of growth in 2017. Our main growth driver in South Florida, commercial real estate, will continue to be a part of every community bank’s product set in Miami. One area in this space that will continue to grow and do well will be construction loans for the middle market homes. We see a lot of opportunity in areas like West and South Miami-Dade.