Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 2022 celebrates 5th edition with in-person launch

Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 2022 celebrates 5th edition with in-person launch

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Writer: Liz Palmer

Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 20222 min read  May 2022— After two years of virtual events, Capital Analytics is finally back to in-person hosting, starting with the annual Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 2022 Launch Conference. The publication’s 5th edition looks back at Broward’s steady growth in the past five years and the projected success to come with focal points on real estate accessibility, a diversifying economy and the infrastructure needed to accommodate the continued flood of people and businesses. 

The launch event will be held in person on June 9 at Fort Lauderdale’s Riverside Hotel, starting with an hour-long networking session over breakfast at 8 a.m., to be followed by Juliet Roulhac, chair of the Broward Workshop, who will deliver the opening keynote address.

“This report is exactly what South Florida needs,” said Capital Analytics President and CEO Abby Melone, who will present the conference’s opening words. “Over the past five years, Capital Analytics has grown alongside Broward County, covering the region’s explosive growth and success and loving every minute of it. Getting to hold this economic snapshot of half a decade of resilience, adaptability and inclusivity in your hands is not just a testament to Broward leaders’ strategic decision-making. It’s an incredible resource for potential investors and entrepreneurs who for some reason have still not made the jump to choose Greater Fort Lauderdale. If you were looking for a sign to come do business in South Florida, this is it. These past five years are just the beginning.”

Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 2022 provides a comprehensive view of the region’s economic potential and the challenges accompanying that potential from the perspective of approximately 200 local leaders and elected officials.

This year’s report focuses on the region’s key industries, including tourism, real estate, marine, logistics, healthcare and construction, considering where Broward County was five years ago compared to its current and projected growth. Greater Fort Lauderdale has weathered economic downturns before and has come out stronger each time, due in part to hosting the headquarters of multiple Fortune 500 companies that buoy industries across the state and create the bulwark to withstand anything, even the long list of uncertainties brought by a global pandemic, a war in Europe and an unpredictable market.

The first panel of the conference, “Doing the Work: Broward’s leaders on creating a more equitable future,” will discuss the work done in recent years to make Greater Fort Lauderdale the right fit for everyone while also addressing the obstacles on the road ahead to a more equitable Broward. City of Fort Lauderdale Assistant City Manager and Director of Human Resources Tarlesha Williams Smith will moderate the panel discussion, which features panelists including CEO Brian Jackson of Pediatric Associates South Florida and Shaheewa Jarrett Gelin, president of the Broward Black Chamber of Commerce, with others to be announced.

The second panel, “Building Broward: What’s on the horizon for real estate and development in the County?” will dive deep into what it will take to overcome the region’s growing pains when it comes to attainable infrastructure. Moderated by Capital Analytics’ Regional Editor Max Crampton-Thomas, panelists will include the Miami Association of Realtors’ Chief of Broward & Palm Beach Operations Danielle Clermont, alongside other speakers to be announced.

To close out the event, President and CEO of the Florida Panthers Matthew Caldwell will provide the closing keynote address.

More than 400 South Florida business leaders are expected to attend the digital conference. Click here to register.


About Capital Analytics & Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 2022 

Capital Analytics is an integrated media platform that produces in-depth business intelligence through its annual print and digital economic reviews, high-impact conferences and events and top-level interviews via its video platform, Invest:Insights.

Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 2022 is an in-depth economic review of the key issues facing Broward County’s economy, featuring the exclusive insights of prominent regional leaders. Invest: Greater Fort Lauderdale 2022 is produced with two goals in mind: 1) to provide comprehensive investment knowledge on Broward County for local, national and international investors, and 2) to promote the South Florida region as a place to invest and do business.

The report conducts a deep dive into the top economic sectors in the region, including real estate, construction, infrastructure, banking and finance, professional services, healthcare, education and tourism. The publication is compiled from insights collected from more than 200 economic leaders, sector insiders, political leaders and heads of important institutions. It analyzes the leading challenges facing the market and uncovers emerging opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and innovators.

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