Florida’s strategy for 2022 comes with a big budget and competitive labor laws

Florida’s strategy for 2022 comes with a big budget and competitive labor laws

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Writer: Sara Suarez

2 min read January 2022 — New laws are expected in Florida in 2022, seeking to encourage an aggressive business recovery and expansion. The implementation of the new regulations would provide businesses with recourse against government mandates that result in profit losses, link minimum wage hikes to the federal limit and provide individuals with greater reemployment support.

The bills are:

S.B. 620 and H.B. 569 Local Government: These new regulations will allow businesses to sue cities and counties for profit losses of at least 15% that stem from mandates they impose. Additionally, any attorney fees that are required for filing such a lawsuit will be included in the reparation. Both bills seek to encourage economic prosperity by providing “protection of private property rights and the stability of laws, ordinances, and charter provisions,” according to S.B 620. The laws, however, do not apply to federal or emergency regulations, such as COVID mandates.

S.B. 1124: Preemption of Local Government Wage Mandates is intended to prevent any local municipalities from raising the minimum wage in any amount greater than the federal minimum wage. As of Sept. 30, 2021, the minimum wage in the state of Florida is $10.00 an hour. This law would prevent counties and cities from enacting any law that seeks to make their minimum wage higher than $10.00 to “prevent wage disparity across the state.” 

SB 1484: Reemployment Assistance seeks to increase the maximum weekly and yearly amount of assistance an individual can receive up to $400 weekly and $10,400 yearly. The duration of the benefits is also increased to 26 weeks. Previously, individuals looking for a job were entitled to a maximum of $275 per week opens PDF file with a duration of no more than 12 weeks, the yearly maximum was set at no more than $3,300, according to the Official Florida Reemployment Assistance Benefit Programs.

Along with the new laws, the proposed budget of $99.7 billion by Gov. Ron DeSantis for 2022 seeks to help Florida families and businesses to flourish. In an official statement on the Florida government website, DeSantis explained that thanks to his “commitment to freedom, Florida’s economy continues to thrive and Floridians are better able to provide for their families.”

DeSantis has been making headlines for challenging federal mandates. With the “Freedom First Budgetopens PDF file ,” he is seeking to make a statement. “This budget puts Floridians and their freedoms first, keeps taxes low, and addresses key priorities – all while maintaining record budget reserves,” he said in regard to his policy regarding business and personal freedoms. 

Florida’s state senators and representatives are up for reelection this year. With a bullish budget, aggressive laws that put the state in a very competitive position and a determined government, Florida is ready to set the standard for the new normal this year