Expanding reach

Expanding reach

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How turning to technological solutions is improving the patient experience

Ben Riestra Chief Administrative Officer – Lennar Foundations Medical Center

In a such highly competitive market, what makes the Lennar Foundation Medical Center unique?

We were able to bring our existing excellent medical expertise from our Downtown Miami campus into a more minimally invasive environment without compromising any quality of care and safety. The advances in technology combined with the techniques of our physicians, who are able to provide top care in this minimally invasive setting, make it possible for patients to come, have an operation and go home that same day, for operations that normally require a three to four-day hospital stay. That is why this center is essentially a hospital without beds. Providing high levels of care in an outpatient setting is where medicine is going, and it is what we are doing. We have the ability to recover our patients overnight within a 23-hour stay. What is also unique about this center is the interconnectivity we have to our Downtown campus. For example, in the operating room, a physician can consult with colleagues at the Downtown campus, through our interconnectivity system.

How do specialty centers such as the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute ft into the overall ecosystem?

These centers will continue to have major locations Downtown, with the satellite locations offering the same services. This enables us to extend the reach of our services with an intensive use of technology to be able to take the maximum advantage of our human capital.

How will new technologies at the Lennar Foundation Medical Center affect the patient experience?

We have an app that directs patients straight to where they need to go, depending on their treatment and the doctor they are going to see. The app has unlimited capacity, meaning there are no limits on how many people it can manage at the same time. By telling patients the location of doctors, we can help them to find their way around our facilities as well as save time.

How is the healthcare industry responding to patients seeking higher quality treatments?

Healthcare is the only sector where consumers are not paying directly for what they buy. Historically, the bulk of the cost was in the insurance sector. However, as the costs are shifting toward consumers, they are making more informed decisions and are looking for the best quality to cost ratio. That is what we are delivering here at Lennar Center and across the UHealth system. This is where the greatest challenge is: to see how the industry is going to respond to a patient that is seeking for more value.