Mario Diaz-Balart, Congressman-25th District of Florida

 Invest: Miami speaks with Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart of the 25th District of Florida Hialeah’s average household income was $29,249 in 2015 and Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Port St. Lucie’ was $48,333. What policies should be pursued in order to increase growth in...

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Leveraging Assets

How transportation companies prepare for the future using the infrastructure of the past Vincent Signorello, President & CEO – Florida East Coast Industries What advantages does Florida East Coast Industries (FECI) hold when it comes to Florida’s infrastructure...

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Building Capacity

How Miami-Dade’s public and private sectors are addressing the strain of rapid growth on the county’s underlying infrastructure Jose R. Mas CEO – MasTec How is Miami’s development boom affecting the county’s infrastructure? We are growing up as a city and to sustain...

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