Charlotte region in continuing upward growth trend

Charlotte region in continuing upward growth trend

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Writer: Sara Suarez

2 min read May 2022 — The Charlotte region has been exceeding growth forecasts in recent years and that trend is expected to continue. In 1Q22, the Charlotte region posted its best quarterly numbers since 2019, according to the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance. With over 4,700 jobs and $2.2 billion coming to the region the future looks bright. Here is what county leaders told Invest: regarding economic growth within their counties.

Peter Zeiler, Director, Office of Economic Development, Mecklenburg County

The biggest activity we’re seeing is in vehicle manufacturing, which is an area we have not been strongly competitive in the past. We’re seeing a lot of smaller, nimbler companies choosing Mecklenburg County. We offer a strong value proposition to international companies looking to establish their North American headquarters. Micro-factories for assembly of electric vehicles as well as a battery assembly plant are in the pipeline.

I think some of the more high-tech-focused industries are beginning to understand why the finance sector is here in Charlotte. They recognize our access to the market, with 50% of the U.S. population within an eight-and-a-half-hour drive of Charlotte, and we have a phenomenal airport as well.

Dean Faile, President & CEO, York County Regional Chamber of Commerce

The greatest opportunities tend to come from the greatest obstacles. Something we’ve been leaning on probably for the last 15 years now is workforce and talent development. We have been the benefactor of a hot growth market and people want to be in this area. We’ve had a population explosion and have benefited from new talent moving into York County. Businesses follow that talent and the winners of economic development projects and business growth are the communities that have a robust talent pool. We have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the attractiveness of our region and channel that into existing businesses and to retain our young talent to remain an economic development winner. 


Pat Kahle, President & CEO, Union County Chamber 

We are addressing talent retention and recruitment from a perspective of “cradle through retirement” and engaging with critical partners, early childhood education, K-12, community colleges, universities, workforce organizations, policymakers and business leaders. In addition, we are focused on issues impacting our workforce, such as access to quality healthcare, affordable childcare and workforce housing. This region has outstanding partners who bring tremendous resources to these issues. Working together, we are creating new ways to engage our workforce, including those who need additional support to overcome barriers to employment.


Kim Eagle, County Manager, Gaston County

We are set up over the next four years for the best economic development we have ever had. We have over 5 million square feet under construction that is already leased or pre-leased and another 2 million square feet in the pipeline. Even having that much space available, there is enough demand before it is built. We have a spec going that is at 1.2 million square feet, which has never happened here. Gaston County has always been a strong player in the single-tenant industrial market and we have more space available all the time. The need and institutional money going into the warehouse and industrial market is unprecedented. Our level of preparation and inventory we will generate and our workforce will make sure the next couple years are bright. 



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