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Top articles of the week from July 12 to July 16

1. Virtual Reality emerging as an innovative treatment for senior care Senior-living facilities are driving a new trend in healthcare: the therapeutic use of virtual reality...
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Top articles of the week from July 5 to July 9
1. Invest: Pittsburgh 2022 to shine a light on the region’s bright future After successful ventures analyzing the dynamic, distinctive economies in Philadelphia and South...
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Top articles of the week from June 28 to July 2
1. Palm Beach is officially post-pandemic as state of emergency expires While most businesses questioned how to best navigate the...

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miami tech
Economy, Miami, Technology
Miami marches on as the No. 1 city for tech job growth
Writer: Joshua Andino  2 min read July 2021 — The Miami tech sector is growing and so are the job...
John Quelch
Education, Miami, Spotlight On
Spotlight On: John Quelch, Dean, University of Miami Herbert Business School
Writer: Max Crampton-Thomas 2 min read July 2021 — John Quelch, dean of the University of Miami’s Herbert Business School,...
Nil policies
Charlotte, Economy, North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham, Tourism, Transportation
Name, image and likeness rule changes mean entrepreneurial opportunities for student-athletes
Writer: Felipe Rivas  2 min read July 2021 —  While college sports have historically been a lucrative business for educational...
Jim Allen
Legal Services, Professional Services, Raleigh-Durham, Spotlight On
Spotlight On: Jim Allen, President & Broker, The Jim Allen Group
Writer: Max Crampton-Thomas  2 min read July 2021 — Raleigh-Duram’s insatiable real estate demand is close to depleting inventory, stretching...