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Name, image and likeness rule changes mean entrepreneurial opportunities for student-athletes

Writer: Felipe Rivas  2 min read July 2021 —  While college sports have historically been a lucrative business for educational institutions, the same cannot be...
Rising tide lifts all ships: Wake towns experience healthy growth despite ongoing pandemic
Writer: Felipe Rivas 2 min read June  2021- As the aftermath of the pandemic continues to rearrange and disrupt the business landscape across most of...

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Transportation projects taking off in South Florida amid population growth
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Raphael Clemente
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Spotlight On: Raphael Clemente, Executive Director, West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority
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You can’t succeed without tech talent, no matter the industry
Writer: Joey Garrand 2 min read September 2021 — Never has the world of business been more competitive. At the...
higher education in Minneapolis
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Face Off: Educators eye the future and decide their next move
Writer: Joshua Andino  2 min read September 2021— Colleges and universities, some facing precarious futures in the face of dynamic...