Capital Analytics Shines a Spotlight on South Jersey

Capital Analytics Shines a Spotlight on South Jersey

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Invest: South Jersey to highlight key investment opportunities in the city 

December 2019

Seasoned media firm Capital Analytics has chosen South Jersey as the next destination to launch a focused annual report on investment opportunities offered by the city. Invest: South Jersey will bring together key industry leaders across the public and private sectors to provide commentary on South Jersey’s rise as an attractive investment destination in recent years.

Entering its sixth year publishing the highly praised flagship project Invest: Miami, Capital Analytics identified South Jersey as the next key market in its portfolio of annual economic reports. This newest edition will focus on the growing importance of South Jersey as a business hub and spotlight opportunities for investment.

Capital Analytics’ successful Invest: Miami venture allowed it to establish footholds in Atlanta, Greater Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Palm Beach, Charlotte and Orlando, and the company has high expectations for its South Jersey undertaking.

Invest: South Jersey will complement the Invest: Philadelphia publication, shining a light on an integral part of the region’s greater economic ecosystem. With a rich history and diversity and a unique and strong local culture, South Jersey plays a vital role in manufacturing, logistics, education and services,” said Jack Miller, Regional Director at Capital Analytics.

The Capital Analytics team has already started laying the groundwork for Invest: South Jersey and is looking forward to replicating its success in other markets, speaking to high-profile executives and leaders of key organizations in the area. This will be the most comprehensive independent report available on South Jersey’s vibrant business climate, seen through the eyes of those at the forefront.

New Jersey’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is expected to reach $62,891 by 2022. South Jersey has a high level of education, with 40 higher education institutions, meaning new high-paying jobs in tech and science are opening up. Add to that a local government that understands the importance of attracting investment and South Jersey is the perfect place for investors to focus their attention.

“At Capital Analytics, we are excited to begin conducting interviews and compiling research on the South Jersey market in anticipation of the first edition of Invest: South Jersey,” said Miller. “We look forward to discussing the many efforts of both the public and private sectors to reinvigorate the area, attract business and investment and bring awareness to exciting developments in South Jersey.”

Capital Analytics produces in-depth business intelligence with a focus on providing comprehensive investment knowledge on markets within the United States for the domestic and global business community. Over a six-month research period, it meets with more than 200 top political, commercial and industry leaders to deliver targeted information, in-depth analyses and strategic insights to the global business community on economic trends and investment opportunities.

Its first publication, Invest: Miami, has a global readership and includes among its readers top executives working in real estate, finance, technology, trade and logistics, health, hospitality and others. Books are distributed locally, nationally and globally to trade and investment boards, executives of Fortune 500 companies, institutional investors, consulates and embassies, hedge funds, leading chambers and associations, as well as high-level summits and conferences.

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