Capital Analytics Lights up Atlanta

Capital Analytics Lights up Atlanta

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Focus: Atlanta to highlight economic opportunities in the greater metro area

 April 2017


ATLANTA – Media company Capital Analytics has begun work on Focus: Atlanta, the first publication outside of its home state of Florida. Focus: Atlanta will be the first in an annual series of business reports featuring comments from key industry leaders across Atlanta’s economic spectrum, including heads of major companies and influential institutions.

Focus: Atlanta will highlight key stories of the Greater Atlanta Metro Area’s economy including the growth of technology companies, the entrance of Fortune 500 companies and infrastructure development in community improvement districts. It will include in-depth analysis on all the main sectors of Atlanta such as healthcare, bioscience, higher education, technology, finance, hospitality, logistics and film, music and broadcast media production.

Currently in its third year of publishing the highly praised Invest: Miami, Capital Analytics made the decision to build up its success and move into the Atlanta market because of the substantial opportunities being offered by the city. The publication is being produced in partnership with the development authority, Invest Atlanta, and with the full support of Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta.

Focus: Atlanta 2017 will inform global investors, entrepreneurs and businesspeople of the professional opportunities available in Atlanta, while also highlighting and promoting Atlanta as a great place to do business,” Mayor Reed, said about the publication.

“What we are hearing from companies is that they want to go to a place that is vibrant and exciting because the workforce and the attraction of the right workforce has taken a much higher priority. When they make decisions about where to go they are always thinking about their business and return on investment. For their workforce, they want to make sure that the place is of quality, where individuals can buy a home, go to good schools, and have the great amenities of a city. Atlanta really offers all of that.” Eloisa Klementich, president and CEO of Invest Atlanta told Capital Analytics.

The Capital Analytics team started work on Focus: Atlanta in March 2017, and have already spoken to many high-profile executives and leaders of key organizations in the area. It will be Atlanta’s first and most comprehensive report on its dynamic business climate.

“There is a real drive in Atlanta for innovation and development in this vibrant economic environment. We have found that is translating into enthusiasm for our upcoming publication Focus: Atlanta, which promises to be the most comprehensive business and investment guide published about this exciting city,” said Alex Mazonowicz, managing editor of Capital Analytics.

“I don’t believe there is any other city that has the same spirit of multi-faceted entrepreneurship and community. The entrepreneurialism in Atlanta involves business, community, seniors and kids alike. Atlanta’s uniqueness lies in its collection of different neighborhoods with different personalities.” Faye Di Massimo, general manager of Renew Atlanta, told Capital Analytics.

Capital Analytics produces in-depth business intelligence with a focus on providing comprehensive investment knowledge
on markets within the U.S. to the domestic and global business community in the annual economic report series. Over a six-month research period, it meets with more than 200 top political, commercial and industry leaders to deliver targeted information, in-depth analysis and strategic advice to the global business community on economic trends and investment opportunities.

Its first publication, Invest: Miami, has a global readership and includes among its readers’ top executives working in real estate, finance, technology, trade and logistics, health, hospitality and others. Books are distributed locally, nationally and globally to trade and investment boards, executives of Fortune 500 companies, institutional investors, consulates and embassies, hedge funds, leading chambers and associations, as well as high-level summits and conferences.

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