Capital Analytics expands portfolio with Invest: Nashville

Capital Analytics expands portfolio with Invest: Nashville

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Writer: Joey Garrand 

Nashville2 min read April 2021 — The Invest: series of annual reports has received phenomenal responses from major markets along the East Coast. Invest: Nashville, covering the Nashville region, is media platform Capital Analytics’ newest addition to the media and publishing company’s repertoire of economic reports.

Invest: Nashville is a comprehensive business review analyzing the key opportunities and issues within the Nashville region. It will feature an emphasis on innovation, COVID-19 recovery and the region’s economic opportunities. The analysis of the area will showcase insights from the city’s top business, political, and local leaders.

With key industries such as healthcare, music and entertainment, manufacturing, logistics, finance, professional services, and corporate operations driving the local economy before and during the pandemic, the Nashville region has enjoyed continuous growth and economic expansion year after year. Based on this solid foundation, the Nashville region is poised to emerge stronger in a post COVID-19 landscape. The steady supply of a well-educated workforce along with the strong, collaborative environment among academic communities, state and local government, and private industry have set the stage for continued growth in the region and made it a popular landing point for businesses and families.

“We are excited to expand our presence into Nashville and the surrounding region. The Invest: Nashville publication will not only showcase the region’s opportunities and challenges but also the companies, organizations, business leaders, and community members that drive the region’s success. Nashville, Music City, The Healthcare Industry Capital, is a booming hub of economic activity across a variety of industries, and it is known for attracting a great deal of foreign investment. Invest: Nashville will serve as a great resource both to the local business community and foreign investors,” said Abby Melone, President and CEO of Capital Analytics.  

Capital Analytics is an integrated media platform that produces in-depth business intelligence through its annual print and digital economic reviews, high-impact conferences and events and top-level interviews via its video platform, Invest: Insights.

Distributed locally, nationally and globally, Invest: Nashville is the first comprehensive business report to holistically assess the economy of the region. Of the company’s more than 900,000 global readers, 70% are senior executives who use in-depth business intelligence to make informed business decisions within industries that range from health and life sciences to education and from energy to advanced manufacturing. 

The production of Invest: Nashville is officially underway as the Capital Analytics team connects with key contributors to collect their insights into the local region. Invest: Nashville is a unique opportunity for the local business community to tell the world, in its own words, why the region is such a dynamic place to do business.

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